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ADS-B Out discussion with Honeywell

ADS-B Out discussion with Gama Aviation and Honeywell.

ADS-B Out (Automatic Dependant Surveillance – Broadcast) requires that the aircraft transmits its own GPS position via the Mode S transponder, regardless of whether the aircraft is being interrogated by a ground radar or by other aircraft’s TCAS. The GPS source must meet high accuracy and integrity requirements only available from a qualified WAAS GPS. The European airspace mandate for ADS-B Out is effective from June 2020, and from January 2020 for US operations.

In this 20 minute ADS-B Out discussion experts from Honeywell and Gama Aviation will discuss what ADS-B Out means, what are the implications of non-compliance and how to avoid the inevitable price rises as the deadline looms ever closer.

Our ADS-B Out Expert Discussion.

See the recorded live stream of our ADS-B Out discussion forum conversation about the upcoming ADS-B Out mandate with our two experts, Harry Lees, Principal Avionics Consultant and Stewart Toye, Senior Honeywell Field Support Engineer (Avionics) hosted by Gama Aviation’s Chief Marketing Officer, Duncan Daines.

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Harry Lees, Principal avionics consultant

Harry Lees, is the principal avionics consultant with Gama Aviation’s UK engineering division and is himself a keen aviator. With over four decades of avionics experience across a wide variety of types, Harry helps owners determine the best course of action when negotiating regulatory changes from both a pilot and avionics perspective.

Harry is supported by an organisation that contains Part 21 J &G (design & production) capability, a full complement of avionics engineers and distribution / resale agreements with all the major avionics providers.

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Stewart Toye, Senior Honeywell field support (Avionics)

Stewart Toye is a senior Honeywell field support engineer (Avionics) for Business Aviation customers across Western Europe, specialising in communication systems. Prior to joining Honeywell in 2017, Stewart was a senior design engineer with a couple of well known EASA part21 companies in Switzerland where he was responsible for designing communications systems to the requirements of VIP and VVIP customers. And previous to this was the Director of business development and Customer support for the EMEA region working for Decrane Aerospace for 12 years.

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Duncan Daines,
Group Chief Marketing Officer


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