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July 18 2024

work life balance

Work life balance


Office working changes since COVID

2020’s COVID-19 pandemic saw a necessary, and rapid change, in the way that we have been working around the Group with most back-office teams working from home.

Now that things have changed, in the UK and for certain other regions (please check the job ad for details) certain, eligible, positions will be able to continue to work partly from the office and partly from home usually on a three and two basis respectively.

Hybrid is not the same as flexible working, the latter is a formal process which allows changes to working hours or other working practices such as compressed hours, zero-hours, job share, mobile working, term time working, annualised hours etc.. Flexible working is agreed with your manager and results in a change to your terms and conditions.

If you’d like to understand whether a role you apply for is suitable for hybrid or flexible working, please discuss this with the recruiting manager.

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Other benefits you can enjoy when working for us

We’ve worked hard to make sure we have a great benefits package for our people that can be tailored to your needs with a mix of standard, voluntary and opt-in salary sacrifice benefits that not only support you but also your immediate family. (A quick note: We are an international company therefore these benefits can change by region. The examples are the benefits available to our UK employees.)

Work life balance

We know work life balance is really important and so we operate a hybrid working policy for all office based employees.


Discounts at gyms, health clubs, a ride to work scheme and a Strava club. Let’s go!

Physical health

Private health care, eye care, COVID-19 testing and health screening are among the options.

Mental health

From mental health first aiders to our WeCare support package, we are here to support you.

Social value

Volunteering days, supporting charities, raising money are just some of the ways you can contribute.

Family benefits

Many of our benefits cover you as an employee and your family including travel insurance.

Financial wellbeing

Contribution pension scheme, opt-in income protection, etc. to help your financial wellbeing.


Save money with discounts for tickets, goods and all sorts of items through our PerkPal scheme.