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We have a passion for Lycoming and Teledyne Continental piston engines

Our team of talented engineers, led by Chris Regent have an almost unrivalled knowldege of the ins, outs and foibles of Lycoming, Teledyne and Continental piston engines, breathing new life into the heart of your light aircraft or helicopter.

Based out of our three extensively equipped workshops, in Oxford (UK) we have the ability to control all aspects of piston engine overhaul/repair, accepting Lycoming and Teledyne continental engines from across Europe and the world.

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Piston engine capabilities

  • check_circle Lycoming and Teledyne Continental Motors engine overhauls and repairs

  • check_circle NDT facilities for Ultrasonic inspection, Magnetic particle inspection and Liquid penetrant inspection

  • check_circle Total support for fuel systems

  • check_circle Bendix and Slick magnetos

  • check_circle Overhaul, repair & testing of governing components

  • check_circle Overhaul and repair of cylinder assemblies

  • check_circle Welding approval covering aluminium, carbon steels and corrosion and heat resisting steels

  • check_circle The only UK approved engine overhaul facility authorised by TCM to carry out Ultrasonic Inspections on crankshafts

  • check_circle The only UK engine overhaul facility employing two CAA ‘D’ licensed engineers

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10 step guide

See what happens to your engine with our 10 step guide.
We are proud to put our name on your engine when it leaves our faciltiy. See the lengths we go to to ensure your engine is delivered back to you in the best possible condition.

10 step engine guide 3

1) Your engine arrives

We offer a free pick up and return of your engine on all full engine overhaul programs. (UK only*).

We cross check your engine, the serial number, engine type to ensure it is correct to the expected engine.

• Physical and visual assessment of engine condition.

• Assessment & confirmation of required scope of work.

• Your engine is booked on to our MRO booking system to ensure documentation and work process integrity and traceability.

• Works order generated and work pack issued to qualified engineer.

• Unique tracking number allocated to monitor your engine through the entire overhaul lifecycle.

10 step engine guide 4

2) Diassembly

After the initial preliminary inspection and scope of work assessment we commence the disassembly of the engine.

• Inventory and photographs of the engine are taken

• List all major parts and components

• Engine is striped down to nut and bolt level

• Allocated, unique and individual engine storage rack for all parts of each particular engine is created.

• All parts are laid out in storage for preparation for individual inspection.

• Methodical, component level breakdown to allow inspection to commence.

10 step engine guide 5

3) Visual Inspection

We now commence the primary visual inspection of all the unique, individual parts of the disassembled components.

• Detailed visual inspection of all internal components.

• Asses the general condition of the components and identify any obvious defects.

• Log in to the workpack, any identified defects or components for further inspection.

• Confirm the full scope of work for your engine.

• This visual inspection is undertaken by experienced and qualified engineers.

10 step engine guide 6

4) Cleaning the main engine components

• All components are de-greased, decarbonised, paint striped and cleaned to allow for further detailed inspection.

• All surface corrosion is removed from the components.

• Inspection of the cleaned, bare metal components.

• Items that require plating or other external finishing are identified and the surfaces are prepped to the appropriate level for the finishing process.

10 step engine guide 7

5) Non-destructive testing

All components that require Non Destructive Testing “NDT” are prepared, including…

• All alloy components for liquid penetrant testing.

• All non ferrous components are prepared for magnetic particle inspection.

• Results are recorded in official work pack documentation.

• The NDT testing is carried out by a dedicated engineer to approved national standards.

• Items that require plating or other external finishing are identified and the surfaces are prepped to the appropriate level for the finishing process.

10 step engine guide 8

6) Detailed dimensional testing

To ensure the accuracy and precision of all existing components we…

• Measure all internal components and inpsect with our calibrated inspection equipment.

• All measurements are compared with OEM detailed specification and aligned to new part limits.

• If a part fails or further assessment is required, we established if the part can be repaired or if a new replacement part is necessary.

• Any replacement part is OEM certified.

• All components are confirmed to ensure performance reliability and service life of the engine.

10 step engine guide 9

7) Painting and plating, component preparation for final part inspection

Components that require repair or reworking are prepped for rework or replaced.

All individual parts are…

• Returned from outsourced finishing (plating)

• Painted individually (pre assembly) to ensure the best level of finish and appearance.

• We then undertake a final visual inspection.

• All components now available for full engine re-assembly.

10 step engine guide 10

8) Re-assemble

The whole re-assembly of your engine is carried out by one, engineer, highly experienced and qualified for that engine type. Every re-assembly is also verified by a second engineer to ensure quality and accuracy of every stage.

• All re-assembly processes are carried out with all required manual data, all the data we use is “live data” in accordance to OEM specifications.

• We inspect all running tolerance, back lashes and clearances throughout the process.

• All seals, gaskets, O rings and all mandatory parts are replaced with new genuine OEM certified parts.

• The engineer on your engine will adhere to all work pack tasks and update all documentational procedures.

• Re-assembly is completed, final initial checks are completed and then the engine is signed off.

10 step engine guide 11

9) Final testing in our new engine test cell

Our new in-house instrumental test cell.

• We run a preliminary “leak test” to ensure the integrity of all new seals.

• The rig is digitally controlled to ensure the integrity of the results.

• We run a 2 hour bedding in test, to the specifications of the relevant OEM

• Our rigorous test procedures measure key parameters including,
Oil pressure
Manifold pressure
Engine temperature levels

All engines tests are performed to ensure the engine is rated to power and performance specifications.

All end test results are included in the final completion documentation supplied with each completed engine.

10 step engine guide 12

10) Approval, proud to put our name on your engine.

On the completion of a successful engine test your engine is prepared for return to you.

Each engine goes through its last final inspection, and the work pack is completed.

The final release paperwork is signed by either Chris or Colin, the supervising engineers at Oxford and then, and only then are we proud to put our name on it.


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