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Welcome to Gama Aviation

April 23 2024

We recognise that organisations sometimes wish to use a trusted third party to deliver aspects of their business operation or to utilise specialist skills in a cost-effective way. Other organisations are seeking to optimise by using the latest technologies that focus on ease of use, integration, automation and capability.  

No matter which type of organisation you are we can provide the best blend of services or software solutions to power your aviation business.   

Using a blend of highly experienced people and next-generation software, we help operators maximise operational efficiencies and enhance overall customer experience. Through the application of technology, along side our highly skilled and trained staff, we supply the services that put our customers at a significant advantage.  

We can support you with our managed services, just provide you with our plug and play technology, or support you with a complete, tailored blend of products and services. We also support customers if they wish to white-label our products and services.

Providing products and services across commercial, business and general aviation in areas such as: 




Our services have helped organisations with the following

  • Improve efficiencies – By utilising technology, we’ve improved operational efficiency for an operator by removing 2500 daily phone calls to their flight operations department from crew 
  • Reduce costs – By streamlining financial processing of flight fees, our services lead to a 50% reduction of the finance team, significantly reducing overheads 
  • Risk mitigation – Through our maintenance services, we saved an airline $1.5m by uncovering defects on an aircraft that had an inadequate C check 
  • Global support – From the UK and Europe, to the US, Australia and everywhere in-between. We support organisations with our products and services across the globe in over 100 different countries. Add to this our international facilities and we’ll be there to support you wherever in the world you need our support.

Wcan provide the plug and play technology, flight planning and/or complete end to end tailored flight support – setting us apart from other organisations. We are unique in having both the underpinning technology products and the highly skilled and trained people who have experience across the entire spectrum of flight operations. We’re completely flexible meaning we are not limited to our own technology, we can work along side you with your existing technology solution.


Aviation software solutions

Providing the best blend of services and software solutions to power your aviation business...

Putting our customers at a significant advantage

  • Global reach
    Our service and product offering is global, we can support you wherever you are in the world
  • A blend of expertise
    We provide a unique combination of next generation technology and highly experienced staff
  • Performance driven
    We don’t rest on our laurels. We're restless and want to continually improve our service and our value to our clients