Business Aviation

The Business Aviation SBU is focused on the delivery of the following lines of business to clients principally in the top three regional business aviation markets: the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Key lines of business within the SBU.

Business Aviation

  • check_circle Management. The operational management of an aircraft (or fleet), and its crew, that the owner wishes to place on one of the Group’s air operating certificates (AOCs)
  • check_circle Maintenance. The delivery of comprehensive maintenance solutions that support business aviation operators and owners by delivering contracted levels of availability.
  • check_circle Charter. The sale of available flight hours on aircraft to charter brokers or to direct clients worldwide
  • check_circle FBO. The management of our strategically positioned fixed base operations at airports in the UK, Channel Islands and Middle East

Benefits of moving to this structure

Business Aviation 2

  • check_circle Identifiably focused on a single market sector
  • check_circle Commercial decision-making is contained within the SBU allowing a much more flexible approach to bundling services to increase competitive advantage and drive revenue per tail
  • check_circle A consolidated sales and account management team that is focused only on building the Business Aviation SBU
  • check_circle Structure scales easily should further depth & breadth be added to the lines of business (for example, the acquisition of Jet East)

Strategic imperatives for the Business Aviation SBU

Business Aviation 3

  • check_circle Grow the US maintenance business. Jet East was acquired in January 2021 and acts as a growth accelerator in the world’s largest business aviation market. With the acquisition has come the opportunity to significantly bolster our US team with accomplished business leaders with strong track records in high growth maintenance organisations
  • check_circle Grow the European maintenance business. Having successfully built the large jet base maintenance business in Bournemouth, extend the portfolio of services to include AOG, line maintenance, components and parts increasing the volume and market share of the Group’s fleet and retail business
  • check_circle Creating a centre of excellence for aircraft management. In December 2020 the decision was made to embark on a process of consolidating the back office and leadership functions of the Asia Air team. Further to this, and the emergence of the new strategy, the Saudi Arabia office has now been closed. A centralised team will now drive the growth of the Group’s aircraft management business
  • check_circle Rebuild the charter offer. Rebuild the charter team with high performance individuals focusing on sales to brokers and a small number of direct customers worldwide in order to capitalise on the predicted uptake of charter demand
  • check_circle Continue to drive value from the strategic positions occupied by our FBOs. Centralise the leadership and management of the Group’s strategically positioned FBO network such that the maximum opportunity is gained from each aircraft transitioning through one of our FBOs