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June 24 2024

From oil platform crew transfers to infrastructure inspections

Managing and monitoring energy infrastructure poses multiple challenges best met through the efficient, cost-effective employment of aviation assets. Massive and frequently remote, pipelines, powerlines, rigs and windfarms generate a mission set best satisfied by the application of the right asset at the right time, whether fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter or UAV.

Offshore transportation

Offshore oil and gas rigs require similar careful monitoring for security and maintenance, while onshore extraction and refining facilities suffer an increased vulnerability to criminal action. In these cases, prevention, through an obvious presence – a helicopter noise signature, for example – is often essential.

Identifying and tracking spills, pollution monitoring and survey are more specialised services lending themselves to fixed-wing, helicopter and UAV operations through a variety of installed sensors. Essential to commissioned rigs, they also have great relevance during decommissioning.

Wind Energy

And while some elements of the oil and gas industry might be looking towards decommissioning, wind energy is burgeoning. There are similarities between the industries – large infrastructure, usually offshore or remotely sited onshore – yet windfarms also generate unique requirements.

Regular visual and IR inspection is essential, spotting potential problems early and identifying friction hot spots that may indicate inefficiency or imminent failure. The inspection mission is well suited to helicopter or UAV, but the former comes into its own during construction and maintenance. With personnel likely to be accommodated on jack-up vessels throughout the offshore construction process, regular passenger and cargo transport services are essential, while hoisting engineers and equipment for subsequent maintenance is an ongoing helicopter requirement.

We understand your mission

We understand the complexities of energy resource monitoring and the challenges of defining the optimal solution to your requirement. From a light helicopter through an integrated multi-platform solution to a ship-based line-of-sight UAV, we’re ready to offer advice on platform definition, compliance and training. We’re also equipped to offer full platform and through-life maintenance options or deliver a complete, turn-key solution.

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Supported aircraft

Leonardo AW139

The AW 139 is one of the most versatile multi role, emergency rotorcraft airframes in theatre

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Leonardo AW169.

The AW 169 is one of the most versatile multi role, emergency rotorcraft airframes in theatre

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Airbus H145

The Airbus H145 helicopter is our aircraft of choice for HEMS operations. Find out more here.

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Gloucester Airport (Staverton)

Gloucester Airport is the home of our Leonardo AW169 and AW139 maintenance capability as well as the centre of excellence for AW169 air ambulance interiors.

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Norwich Airport

Our base at Norwich Airport provides services for the Oil & Gas industry utilising the Leonardo AW139 platform.

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Aberdeen International Airport (EGPD)

We have had a base at Aberdeen Airport for most of our 25 year contract with the Scottish Ambulance Service, leasing hangarage from the Airport.

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