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July 18 2024

BAE Hawker base, line and AOG maintenance support

The BAE Hawker series has a solution for every business and leisure traveller with good range and accommodation for most private and charter missions. We have capability in our aircraft maintenance fleet the majority of the BAE Hawker series, including the Hawker 750, Hawker 800XP, Hawker 850XP and Hawker 900XP.

A truly versatile airframe series.

Famed for an unrivalled longevity of design and manufacture the BAE Hawker series of aircraft was one of the longest continuously produced airframes. This really showcases the robust nature of the BAE Hawker series and why it has an enviable reputation within the business aviation market place for the sound way it operates.

Whether you require line maintenance, base maintenance or AOG support for your BAE Hawker aircraft, we have capability globally.

Our BAE Hawker maintenance services include:

For more information please arrange a call with one of our team.

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Private jet aircraft airworthiness management 1

The BAE Hawker 1000

Great range and supersize cabin in a midsize business jet, the Hawker 1000 business jet. Simply put the Hawker 1000 is a good mid size private jet….Plus. The Hawker series are famed for their roomy cabins and effective performance capabilities, these follow in the history of Hawkers being both economic and reliable to operate, with now a 3000+ nm intercontinental range.

The Hawker 1000 private jet is the largest of the BAE Hawker series of business jets, known for its comfortable cabin and refined style.

BAE Hawker maintenance centre

The BAE Hawker 900XP

Advanced performance, great range and supersize cabin in a midsize business jet, the BAE Hawker 900XP. The development and design program that has follow the Hawker series of aircraft through its lifetime really made the 900XP a great aircraft of its time. With stand up headroom in cabin, and combine this with good fuel efficiency and performance this is simply a great airframe both for clients, crew and pilots.

The BAE Hawker 900XP business jet offers unbeatable fuel efficiency, performance and comfort.

Our Hawker maintenance and aircraft management services include:

BAE Hawker base / heavy maintenance

We offer base maintenance support through a variety of locations across a wide number of certificates including FAA, EASA and Isle of Man.

  • check_circle 96 month checks

  • check_circle Corrosion prevention

  • check_circle Replacement of major components

  • check_circle ADS-B Out installation

  • check_circle Interior refurbishment

  • check_circle Exterior paint application

For more information please arrange a call with one of our team.

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Line maintenance

There is never a good time to encounter an out-of-phase defect(s). Our Hawker line maintenance teams operate across the globe, returning aircraft swiftly and safely back to service. Typical tasks include:

  • check_circle Engine faults & replacements

  • check_circle Cockpit window replacements

  • check_circle Interior & cosmetic defects

  • check_circle Radio / avionics troubleshooting

  • check_circle Wheel inflation & replacements

For more information, simply arrange a call with one of our team.

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Need BAE Hawker AOG assistance?

Simply register your requirement and our closest Hawker AOG team to your aircraft will respond within 30 minutes.

Hawker AOG assistance

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