Special Mission

The Special Mission team provides the mission expertise to assist governments and businesses in exploiting a variety of aviation assets (fixed wing, helicopters and unmanned aerial systems (“UAS”) within the following sectors:

Key lines of business within the SBU.

HEMS mission
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  • check_circle Air Ambulance & Rescue. The delivery of fixed wing and rotary mission solutions to the governments of Scotland, Jersey and Guernsey as well as the circa 21 helicopter air ambulance charities operating within the UK
  • check_circle National Security & Law enforcement. Providing “intelligence as a service” aviation platforms to the UK government to protect the national interest.
  • check_circle Infrastructure & Survey. The monitoring of critical national infrastructure for the purposes of failure monitoring,
    environmental controls, mapping or other such studies
  • check_circle Energy & Offshore. Providing platforms that help energy companies create, service and maintain offshore
    energy infrastructure

Benefits of moving to this structure

Special Mission 6

  • check_circle Identifiably focused on four special mission focused markets
  • check_circle Clear mandate to continue the active pursuit of large, set piece procurement programmes featuring long-term contracts with UK government and other blue-chip clients
  • check_circle Future expenditure requirements are clearly aligned to the delivery of contracts providing investors a clear line of sight of performance from contract win to deployment of service
  • check_circle Freedom to innovate in response to the changing technology landscape and capabilities of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) based on current and future client needs for intelligence as a service programmes

Strategic imperatives for the Special Mission SBU are:

Infrastructure & survey monitoring

  • check_circle Penetrate the UK charity Air Ambulance market.Following the successful implementation of the helicopter service in
    Scotland, capture further opportunities with well-funded principals in the UK charity Air Ambulance market through the displacement of entrenched incumbent providers
  • check_circle Build market share in UK government intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR) projects. Building from a strong reputation for delivery, further penetrate key ISR projects within the various ministries of the UK government, particularly the Ministry of Defence
  • check_circle Develop an unmanned aerial systems (UAS) capability. Develop the required capabilities to provide UAS solutions to complement the use of existing aviation systems to deliver ISR missions
  • check_circle Enter the wind segment of the Energy & Offshore market. The UK government has announced strong support for the UK wind industry leading to a number of opportunities for offshore helicopter operations during the build and maintenance phase of UK wind farms