Group Strategy

In this section of the website we will describe the recent review oif the group strategy and its evolution which is driving change across the business to a focused organisation where margin improvement comes from a focus on delivering highly valued services within the business aviation and special mission markets in areas where the Group has full control and established competitive advantage.

Review of the Group strategy

In May 2020, the Executive undertook a dispassionate review of the Company’s strategy and performance, to:

  • check_circle Baseline the expected post COVID-19 economic realities, opportunities and paths for future growth.
  • check_circle Refocus the Company’s efforts through a defined purpose that galvanises internal teams, and through their actions,
    delivers value to our clients and in turn to our shareholders.
  • check_circle Restore investor confidence via a focus on earnings per share (EPS) growth and cash generation to create shareholder value.
Air Ambulance, HEMS & rescue operations

The strategic review concluded the following:

  • check_circle In certain regions the business had not attained the operational scale required to meet the Group’s EBIT expectations and was unlikely to achieve these in the short term given the economic and market repercussions of the pandemic.
  • check_circle Given ongoing uncertainties associated with the pandemic, resources should be focused on penetrating high value markets where the Company has an established competitive advantage so as to deliver medium term EPS growth.
  • check_circle The delineation of the core business between ‘Air’, ‘Ground’ and ‘Global Services’ increasingly did not reflect a pattern of buying behaviour evident from our clients who wanted a single, holistic solution that reflected the totality of their aviation requirements. The structure had also created internal challenges that were, on occasion, acting as impediments to performance.
  • check_circle The Group should continue to target, as a priority, long-term contracts with major aviation operators and government departments that rely on stable, large scale partners such as Gama Aviation to deliver their mission.
  • check_circle Further to the above, the Group’s core competency is to enable its clients to deliver “decisive advantage”. This galvanising purpose must be central to the Group’s ability to improve margin performance by increasing the perceived, and delivered, value of its services.
Maintenance and CAM 6

Evolution of the strategy for 2021 & the post COVID world

Given the conclusions of the Group strategic review, the Board determined that the strategy on listing in 2015 should be evolved
to reflect those findings and recognise the likely ongoing market and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic over the next
planning period.

Core to the strategic evolution is to pivot away from its singular aim of consolidation. Instead the Group will focus its resources on building share in distinct, high value, customer focused, markets where its depth and breadth of services have established competitive advantage. Operational scale will be added through organic growth and highly focused M&A, with the later specifically designed to accelerate and enhance operational gearing leading to further margin improvements.


As a consequence of the change in emphasis, a series of strategic imperatives were accepted by the Board during July 2020 which have, and are, being implemented across the Group.

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