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June 24 2024

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Cessna Citation series

The Cessna Citation series, Mustang and Sovereign

Our aircraft management, maintenance and charter teams know the Cessna Citation series extremely well and with our knowledge and expertise there is a Citation series ideal for your private or corporate missions. We have Cessna Citations within in our aircraft managed fleet and our maintenance teams regularly work on Cessna Citation series inputs.

A beautiful and adaptable aircraft series.

The Cessna Series has been in production for decades, with the Sovereign first achieving FAA certification in 2004 with EASA in 2005. The Sovereign+ extended the capabilities of the model with early deliveries at the end of 2013. The Mustang on the other hand is a small jet with shorter range capabilities and was first certified by the FAA in 2006. The Mustang was superseded by the Citation M2 and production ended for the Mustang in 2017.

Whether you require aircraft management, aircraft maintenance or charter for this type we have the capabilities available at various locations worldwide.

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The Cessna Citation series, Mustang

This is a great starter jet , the ideal very light jet and the first step in to the jet marketplace from the twin turboprop arena. There are more than 400 Mustangs in operation and this airframe is ideal for those short hop trips of around 1 hour flying time. Seating 4 passengers with a club seating layout the Cessna Mustang offers good performance and controls the budget too.

Our Cessna Citation maintenance and aircraft management services include:

Cessna Citation Sovereign+ 1

The Cessna Citation series, Sovereign

The Sovereign is a good trans-continental aircraft with the scope and range to reach your destinations in comfort. With an impressive cabin size and specification it poresents itself as a large jet but with the efficiency and savings of a midsize operator. The Cessna Sovereign can seat upto 9 passengers with baggage capabilites to suit this payload with ease.
The Cessna Sovereign business jet offers more than the majority of other midsize jets in class and is a firm favourite with pilots.

Our Cessna Sovereign maintenance and aircraft management services include:

Cessna Citation Sovereign 1

The Cessna Citation series, Sovereign+

The Cessna Sovereign+ has a range and efficiency that is very enviable, making it a great choice for the any private or business operator. With trans-continental and trans-atlantic capabilities with the mid size ability to land at shortened airfields. Combining this with the improved luggage capacity this airframe really does offer the potential for large jet comfort, mid size jet efficienes and the range to suit most trip dynamics.

Our Sovereign+ maintenance and aircraft management services include:


  • Mustang

    Cabin Length: 9ft 9in
    Cabin Height: 4ft 6in
    Cabin width: 4ft 7in
    Range: 718 nm
    Speed: 340 kts

  • Sovereign

    Cabin Length: 25ft 3in
    Cabin Height: 5ft 8in
    Cabin width: 5ft 6in
    Range: 2,620 nm
    Speed: 459 kts

  • Sovereign+

    Cabin Length: 25ft 3in
    Cabin Height: 5ft 8in
    Cabin Width: 5ft 6in
    Range: 3200 nm
    Speed: 460 kts


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