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April 23 2024

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Embraer Legacy Series

The Embraer Legacy series. This versatile aircraft is a popular fleet aircraft for us and is widely used around the world. The Embraer Legacy series has the most comprehensive cabin in its class, with room and style to suit all mission parameters.

The Legacy series, set apart from the competition.

With low operating costs plus transcontinental range, and you’ll understand why this aircraft is the choice of executive aviation.

Whether you require aircraft management, aircraft maintenance or charter for this type we have the capabilites available at various locations worldwide.

The ADS-B Out mandate is fast approaching. Are you ready?

Why you should complete the mandate NOW! Before it’s too late.

As we get closer to the date, pressure is building. With installation costs increasing and demand for upgrades rising, NOW is the time for your ADS-B out upgrade.

We have the capacity now, so don’t put it off and beat the 2020 mandate!

Fill out your details to receive a free quote for your aircraft on your ADS-B upgrade costs.

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Aircraft charter 2

The Embraer Legacy 600

Reliable and efficient, the Bombardier Learjet 45 is one of the rare jets to seamlessly integrate new technology with a tested and successful older design; its remaining features combine to create a high-quality private jet. Creating a perfect aircraft for the business charter traveller. The Bombardier Learjet 45 cabin holds eight smooth, leather seats that are positioned comfortably with plenty of room to swivel, recline, and track, optimising your opportunity for comfort and relaxation. The Bombardier Learjet 45 is an extremely reliable jet with great cruise performance and fuel economy. Its innovative systems and efficient performance make it a viable option for anyone in search of a high-performing, cost-effective mid-sized private jet.

Our Legacy maintenance and aircraft management services include:

Embraer Legacy 650 6

The Embraer Legacy 650

Speed and style, versatility and comfort, the Bombardier Learjet 60 more than lives up to the expectation of a business jet. With efficient performance, the Bombardier Learjet 60 is an ideal choice for your next mission. The cabin is the biggest yet in the Learjet line, able to comfortably hold seven or eight passengers, the cabin is designed to have the most space where it counts – specifically elbow room for seated passengers. Not only does the interior of this aircraft impress, overall costs rival even the best-selling jets of its size. When compared to average jets in its class, the Bombardier Learjet 60 consistently comes out on top in cruise speed and range

Our Legacy maintenance and aircraft management services include:


  • Embraer Legacy 600

    Cabin Length: 49ft 10in
    Cabin Height: 6ft
    Cabin width: 6ft 11in
    Range: 3400 nm
    Speed: 518 mph

  • Embraer Legacy 650

    Cabin Length: 49ft 10in
    Cabin Height: 6ft
    Cabin width: 6ft 11in
    Range: 3661 nm
    Speed: 528 mph


Bournemouth International Airport (EGHH)

Our Bournemouth International Airport facility, a hangar and office facility of over 135,000 sq ft provides an extraordinary space which we aim to turn into one of Europe’s flagship business aviation facilities.

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Sharjah International Airport FBO (OMSJ)

Our Sharjah FBO is the intelligent entry point to Dubai, with no slot restrictions & excellent facilities.

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