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Airbus H145 helicopter

The AIRBUS H145 helicopter family (BK117, EC145 and H145 variants) of twin-engine rotorcraft provide a class leading solution for the operation of a wide variety of missions from HEMS, Defence and VIP deployment. Compact in size, the H145’s small footprint and large, flexible cabin make it our helicopter of choice.

This highly versatile, multi-purpose rotorcraft is tailored for emergency medical services and law enforcement duties, along with aerial work, passenger transport – including private and business aviation – and offshore operations. 2020 sees EIS of a new innovative version of the H145, equipped with a five-bladed main rotor. The H145 extends its transport capability and provides operators with an excellent smoothness of flight.

H145 AIRS modification

The Airbus H145 has proven to be a highly capable platform for HEMS operations with an excellent balance of operating costs, reliability, payload, cabin configuration, range and ability to operate in the harsh conditions often experienced in the extreme weather environments.

The key benefits as we see them of the H145 within a HEMS deployment are:

  • 3 or 4 TSO approved crash-worthy rotating seats (4th typically fixed) ergonomically placed for optimum patient care in accordance with EN13718-2 HEMS Norms (AW169 4 seats but fixed location).
  • H145 indicative cabin layout
  • Wheeled or carry on stretcher base compatible (AW169 is carry-on only)
  • Cabin volume (6m3) comparable to AW169 (6.3m3) with a 900kg lighter airframe
  • Flat floor area 4.7m2 is ~7% larger than AW169
  • Wheeled or carry on stretcher base compatible (AW169 is carry-on only)
  • Cabin length at 3.45m supports easy use of Kendrick splint (AW169 is 2.77m)
  • Greater medical wall space available due to smaller sliding doors
  • ~2 minute start time on the H145 is quicker than the AW169 meaning faster HEMS response times
  • Lower load height (assuming rear access on the H145) by 25% than the AW169
  • All stowage accessible in flight (AW169 has separate cargo compartment)
  • Skids rather than wheels means ~8x less load per contact area in the AW169 – preferable for ‘soft landing zone’ operations
  • Lower downwash (due to lower weight) means less disturbance and risk of damage / disturbance
  • All stowage accessible in flight (AW169 has separate cargo compartment)
  • More fuel efficient (269kg/hr versus 290 kg/hr) and lower weight mean lower annual operating costs

The D3 variant would have minor differences / enhancements to the D2 including the latest 5 blade rotor head providing reduced in-cabin vibration (noting that the D2 remains a very comfortable aircraft) and enhancing payload by 100kg; an updated avionics software package and also a wireless data download capability as standard.

Airbus H145 (CS-29) AIR ED-112A AIRS modification 1

CAR & AIR modifications for the H145 and H135 family.

The Cockpit Audio Recording System & Airborne Image Recording System of both the H145 (AIR only) and H135 family fulfils the requirements of Civil Aviation Authority Safety Directive SD-2018/002 which arose as a consequence of AAIB safety recommendations 2015-032, 033, 035 following the tragic EC135 T2+ accident at Clutha, Glasgow, 2013 in which ten people were killed. Subsequently, EASA Safety Information Bulletin 2019-15R1 Flight Recorders on Small Rotorcraft, has recognised the need to promote installation of flight recorders in order to maximise the safety enhancement for the global aviation system.

For more details please see the following:

Airbus H145 maintenance services

Airbus H145 base maintenance capability in Glasgow

We will shortly be introducing a new base and line maintenance capability for the Airbus H145 at our maintenance base in Glasgow. This capability will be available from June 2020.

For further information please email:


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    2 x Safran helicopter engines Arriel 2E


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