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Cockpit Airborne Image Recording System for EC145/ H145 (CS-29) installation

Our H145 design installs a crash protected cockpit Airborne Image Recorder (AIR) to the Airbus Helicopters H145 rotorcraft, this is in addition to the rotorcraft’s required FDR & CVR. The system records cockpit imagery in accordance with EUROCAE ED-112A Part III ‘Class A’ and fulfils the requirements of Civil Aviation Authority Safety Directive SD-2018/002.

Like our CARS & AIRS modification for Eurocopter / Airbus EC135 (H135) installation the modification is available as either a 1 or 2 camera system which records the forward instrument panel and / or the overhead panel in Full HD 1080p video quality.

In the event of an incident / accident all recording will be stopped automatically via a dedicated inertia switch installed as part of the system ensuring preservation of recordings. As per the latest safety requirements the recorders are fitted with 90-day Underwater Locator Devices (ULD’s).

The H145 AIR ED-112A modification is available as either:

  • One camera system which records the forward instrument panel
    or a
  • Two camera system which records the forward instrument panel and the overhead panel

In both cases video is recorded in full 1080p HD video quality.

The EC145 (CS-29) AIR modification is now fully installed within the UK’s National Police Aviation Service’s fleet and is ideal for rotorcraft operating for the:

  • check_circle Police
  • check_circle Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS)
  • check_circle Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • check_circle Special Missions
  • check_circle Aerial Film Work
  • check_circle Training
  • check_circle Pleasure Flights

Key features

Airbus H145 (CS-29) AIR ED-112A AIR modification

  • check_circle EUROCAE ED-112A ‘Class A’ Compliant

  • check_circle Fully Crash Protected

  • check_circle Records Forward & Overhead Instrument Panels

  • check_circle Up to Full HD 1080p Video Quality

  • check_circle NVIS Compatible

  • check_circle Integrated Bulk Erase Switch Feature

  • check_circle Integrated Press-To-Test (PTT) Feature

  • check_circle Max Duration 6 Hours Video

  • check_circle Inertia Switch Stops Recording in Event of Impact

  • check_circle Data Easily Downloaded via Ethernet & Laptop

  • check_circle Available with or Without Underwater Locator Device (ULD’s)

  • check_circle Available as a 1 or 2 Camera System

  • check_circle Available with or Without Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS)

For more information please arrange a call with one of our team.

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  • check_circle Fully Approved EASA Change

  • check_circle EUROCAE ED-112A ‘Class A’ Compliant

  • check_circle Meets CAA Safety Directive SD-2018/002

  • check_circle RTCA DO-160F

  • check_circle MIL-STD-810G

Technical specifications


1 Camera System 6.0kg
2 Camera System 11.5kg

Electrical load

1 Camera System Nom. 1.43A Peak. 1.96A
2 Camera System Nom. 2.86A Peak. 3.92A

Additional interfaces

ARINC 429 or GPS Antenna

Safety benefits

H145 CARS & AIRS modification 2

The flight data recorded by the AIR System is highly beneficial for the following safety aspects:

  • check_circle Operational Fleet Management, including Training

  • check_circle Troubleshooting

  • check_circle Data Analysis and Risk Assessment Within the Safety Management System (SMS)

  • check_circle Accident / Incident Investigation

Contact us

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