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June 24 2024

Request a Medical Repatriation / Air Ambulance quote


Our Medical flight support team are here to support your requirements for:

  • Medical repatriation after an unplanned medical intervention outside of the UK
  • Medical repatriation after a planned surgery outside of the UK
  • Support for flight travel into the UK during post-operative convalescence
  • Support for a sick family member who requires repatriation to / from the UK

On receipt of your request we will commence an evaluation of the requirements in conjunction with the Medical operations team. A member of the team will then call you back to determine further detail that will allow greater accuracy for the Medical repatriation quote supplied to you. This may include specific details about the patient / medical equipment requirements for the patient. On confirmation of those details with you the team will generate the repatriation quote and submit it to you.

Request a Medical Repatriation / Air Ambulance quote

To request a Medical Repatriation or Air Ambulance quote, simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly. This form, will at no time, require you to fill in specifical medical details or identify the individual to be cared for (this will be done via a direct consultation).

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