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Welcome to Gama Aviation

June 24 2024

STEM Inspiration

Inspiring the next generation of pilots, engineers, designers to solve the aviation and aerospace challenges of the future.

Business Aviation

Junior Engineering Challenge at RAF Fairford during RIAT

In 2022 and 2023 we will be running the Junior Engineering Challenge

The Junior Engineering Challenge was run in conjunction with:

STEM subjects assistance

For more information:

RIAT Technozone


STEM Inspiration presentation: Register your interest

If you are interested in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects but are finding it difficult to see a future career, or are a teacher who would like to inspire a classroom, then we may be able to help. Simply fill out the short form below and on receipt we will see how we can help you whether that be:

  • Interview technique
  • An understanding of what it is like to be a pilot
  • How to work with us on a research project
  • Or something else…

    A few notes before you start.

    • The scheme is only open to UK students, schools, colleges and universities.
    • Pupils under 18 must gain the consent of the school or college before registering. No contact will be made until the school or college has confirmed they are happy for us to do so.
    • Places will be limited but we hope to help as many as we can
    • This is a registration process only. By registering we make no guarantee or commitment to you or you place of education..
    • The information you provide will be held for a maximum period of six months.