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Welcome to Gama Aviation

June 24 2024

We make avionics simple

From changing regulations, STC’s to the latest EFIS avionics installations, we’ll help you navigate the various upgrade paths to stay current, stay safe and gain more enjoyment from your flying experience.

Is now the right time to upgrade?

With mandatory changes coming into effect across the Eurocontrol area, affecting all registrations now is the time to look to upgrade your cockpit.

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Garmin G1000 glass cockpit

Is it time to evolutionise your flight deck and reinvigorate an older airframe? If you are thinking about it

  • check_circle Reduce pilot fatigue and increase situational awareness

  • check_circle Removes the vast majority of troublesome dials and switches aka “steam gauges”

  • check_circle Assistance in protecting residual values.

  • check_circle Allows for ADS-B Out compliance

  • check_circle Digital autopilot integration

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The ADS-B out mandate

ADS-B OUT (Automatic Dependant Surveillance – Broadcast) requires that the aircraft transmits its own GPS position via the Mode S transponder, regardless of whether the aircraft is being interrogated by a ground radar or by another aircraft’s TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System). The GPS source must meet high accuracy and integrity requirements only available from a qualified WAAS GPS.

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Location coverage

Bournemouth International Airport (EGHH)

Our Bournemouth International Airport facility, a hangar and office facility of over 135,000 sq ft provides an extraordinary space which we aim to turn into one of Europe’s flagship business aviation facilities.

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