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May 18 2024

AW169 medical interior for pre-hospital care

Leonardo AW169 medical interior

As an operator of the Leonardo AW169 HEMS platform, we are confronted daily with the pre-hospital clinical needs of patients and paramedics alike. This operational experience is directly fed into our design teams who seek to create a decisive advantage in our pre-hospital clinical interiors.

Our EMS interior supports clinical teams in providing first class pre-hospital care. These interiors have been developed in close co-operation with clinical teams from Air Ambulance, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance and Cornwall Air Ambulance.

We currently hold five Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for the AW169, these being:

  • EMS interior
  • Nose-mounted Rakka Searchlight
  • NVIS
  • Paediatric Intensive Care Interior
  • Translating/Rotating Fischer 230/305 seat

Furthermore, we have over 40 minor changes to further customise the AW169 and its medical interior.

Custom EMS interior

Our custom EMS interior for the AW169 is modular in nature and offers several pre-approved seating arrangements. The modularity allows six different configurations to suit the clinical team and operations required.

The interior caters for a variety of vital sign monitors, infusion pumps, suction units and ventilators all of which have been designed into the interior to maximise visibility and access. The inherent modularity of the EMS interior also allows for flexibility and protection against obsolescence as clinical practice and technology changes.

Bespoke changes

Our Design team will work closely with your clinical and operations teams to augment the bespoke interior with further fitments including communication equipment, device mounts, shelves, stretcher bridges, etc.

Air Ambulance Mission Systems Design 2

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