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Welcome to Gama Aviation

June 24 2024

Ensure regulatory compliance of your aircraft

As the rules governing international airspace grow ever more complex, ensure regulatory compliance of your aircraft with our business jet mandate upgrade services.

Avoid sanctions related to flight operations, including criminal penalties, by letting us provide you with simple solutions and guidance on which regulations apply to you and your aircraft. And with a variety of maintenance bases across the globe, your upgrades can be completed in a matter of ease.

Here are the upcoming business jet mandates that you should be aware of:

Mandate When is it due? Upgrade mandatory? Enquire now
ULD Low frequency underwater locator device January 2020 No Click here
ULD with 90 Day capability EASA Part-NCC January 2020 Yes Click here
ADSB (US) January 2020 Yes, in US Click here
FANS/CPDLC NAT region data link January 2020 Yes, in NAT Click here
Link 2000+ATN-B1 February 2020 Yes, but exemption for some aircraft with FANS 1/A Click here
ADSB (Europe) June 2020 Yes, in Europe Click here

If you have an upgrade that needs completing, arrange a call with us today before the mandate deadline.

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