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June 24 2024

Platforms that provide valuable data to national infrastructure companies

Our offer to national infrastructure companies whether these are connected to rail, road, power grids, rivers or other survey mapping requirements can provide for an array of special mission platforms from fixed wing, helicopter, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) UAV and visual line of sight (VLOS) UAVs. These assets can be used as part of a ‘team’ (manned unmannde teaming or ‘MUT’)or individuallly depending on the mission requirements presented.

The team focus on four areas of assistance for our customers:

Assesment of the platforms and capabilities required from the platform looking at a wide range of operational data from dwell times, sound signatures to sensor capabilities, etc. This will determine the requirement for the team and develop the CONOPS requirements definition.

Mission systems
Everything from IR sensors, Trakka searlights or cameras deployed on the airframe through to mission suites within the interiors, our Design & modifications team hold both civil and military approvals to design, prototype, create and deploy capabilities suitable for your mission.

Mission support
The mission support team will provide comprehensive maintenance coverage for a wide raneg of airframes in use for law enforcement, policing, homeland & national security. These types range from the Britten Normal Islander / Defender to the Bombardier Global and helicopters such as the Airbus H145 or BVLOS UAV’s such as the Silent Falcon.

Mission solutions
Our mission solutions provide turnkey solutions for customers that are seeking to have a single monthly & flight time charge for the use of a platform to collect data. These turnkey solutions are provided on a multi-year basis deploying fixed wing, helicopter and UAV assets (through our partners SkyFutures)

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Supported aircraft

Airbus H145

The Airbus H145 helicopter is our aircraft of choice for HEMS operations. Find out more here.

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Leonardo AW139

The AW 139 is one of the most versatile multi role, emergency rotorcraft airframes in theatre

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Leonardo AW169.

The AW 169 is one of the most versatile multi role, emergency rotorcraft airframes in theatre

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Beechcraft King Air 200 series

We offer operational & maintenance expertise across the Beechcraft King Air 200 series of aircraft.

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Beechcraft King Air 300 series

We offer availability and expertise across the BAE Hawker series of aircraft, including charter services, maintenance approval and capabilities and we have extensive management experience, having owned and operated BAE Hawker aircraft ourselves and for our clients.

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Britten Norman BN2-T Islander

The Britten Norman Islander BN-2T is used within both a civilian and Special Mission context being able to accommodate various interior fitments from executive to up to three stretchers for Air Ambulance operations.

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Group Headquarters, 25 Templer Avenue, Farnborough.

25 Templer Avenue, Farnborough is home to our Group headquarters and is the nerve centre for the European Air division. With excellent access to the facilities at the airport.

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