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May 18 2024

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Britten Norman BN2-T Islander

Britten Norman BN2-T Islander

The Britten Norman BN2-T has a wide variety of applications from essentially civilian roles, executive transport and commuter, to special mission applications. In our view it is within those, special mission fields that the BN2-T excels.

Although seen by some as old technology, the BN2-T provides a credible alternative to BVLOS UAS systems particularly in its coastguard, border protection and law enforcement applications. Capable of carrying SAR, LIDAR, maritime radar, various EO/IR cameras plus various customer fit technologies as well as a complement of rear operators, the BN2-T offers as much, if not more, than contemporary non-military BVLOS platforms for a similar price point.

While the Beechcraft King Air has become a favourite amongst many government applications, the high wing of the Islander, enhanced visibility and its slow speed handing, continue to make the Britten Norman BN2-T a worthy ISR platform. However the Islander is not limited to these tasks, with over 2,000+ STC’s for the Britten Norman aircraft allowing it to be readily adapted into a number of other special mission orientated roles which include:

  • check_circle Air Ambulance (up to three Lifeport stretchers)
  • check_circle Sky diving platform
  • check_circle High density commuter / transport
  • check_circle Cargo and hybrid cargo
  • check_circle ISR

We think…

The Britten Norman BN2-T Islander is an excellent platform for a range of applications where carrying capacity, STOL and dwell time count more than speed (a particular sweetspor being coastal and land based ISR). The non-pressurised cabin of the Islander also provides as execellent platform upon which a wide range of modifications can be applied relatively simply and cost effectively, compared to pressurised alternatives such as the King Air.

BN2-T Islander. From flight controls to ISR architecture

Design & production 2

The ISR Mission Systems team are adept in taking a CONOPS challenge and designing a full ISR architecture for the Britten Norman BN2-T Islander.

At the core of the BN2-T Mission System capability is our ISO9001, CAA / EASA Part 21 J & G, MAA DAOS approved organisation that undertakes a broad range of design and production services to supply avionic, structural design and certification to the BN-2T’s ISR role including

  • check_circle design and architecture of ISR mission systems
  • check_circle re-role of aircraft to accommodate new ISR mission systems
  • check_circle testing and evaluation of ISR mission systems components
  • check_circle updating cockpit and rear operator interfaces
  • check_circle other bespoke projects as per the CONOPS requirement

Typically this often includes the incorporation and integration of various provided mission systems into the ISR architecture as well as the more common application of:

  • check_circle Integrated Systems
  • check_circle Mission Consoles
  • check_circle Tactical Radios
  • check_circle E/O & I/R sensors
  • check_circle LIDAR or Maritime radar
  • check_circle Mission Computers
  • check_circle Mapping Solutions
  • check_circle NVG
  • check_circle Flight Data Recorders

Please contact us for more details of our Britten Norman BN2-T Islander mission solution capabilities.

BN2-T Islander. Equipping you with decisive advantage

Special mission

Our Mission Support team are adept in providing support to various airbourne platforms across the globe including the Britten Norman BN-2T Islander.

Core to the service are the flexibility and agility to meet the changing operational requirements of platforms that may be deployed at a moments notice to areas of interest. This involves the team managing personnel, logistics and supply chain as well as providing critical AOG and line maintenance support in an area of active operations.

We are incredibly proud of our BN2-T Mission Support capabilities with high platform availability providing considerable assurance to operational controllers who rely on the presence of these platforms to deliver decisive advantage.

Typically, the Islander Mission Support team offer a full range of services from:

  • check_circle Aircraft acceptance and onward maintenance of the platform
  • check_circle Embodiment of enhanced Mission Systems
  • check_circle Supporting logistics and supply chain management
  • check_circle Hangar and supporting infrastructure development & management
  • check_circle Aircraft maintenance training via our Part147
  • check_circle BN2-T Aircrew via our ATO

Please contact us for more details of our Britten Norman BN2-T Islander mission solution capabilities.

The BN2-T Islander. Turnkey solutions that deliver highly resilient, persistent capabilities

Most of our clients are not interested in aviation per se, instead they require aviation to deliver a capability. Our Islander Mission Solutions team will start by working with you to fully understood the CONOPS (concept of operations) and the theatre requirements of the deployment. The team will then design the mission solution such that you are provided with guaranteed levels of operational availability, this will include, but is not limited to:

  • check_circle Design & architecture of the Mission System
  • check_circle Embodiment of the Mission System
  • check_circle Facilities (hangars, crew quarters, storage)
  • check_circle Flight crew (Captain & FO) via our Islander ATO
  • check_circle Rear operators (if required)
  • check_circle the Islander aircraft
  • check_circle Maintenance personnel (AOG, line and base maintenance) via our Part147 Islander training school
  • check_circle Flight & Ground crew training (currently only offered for ISR capabilities)

Please contact us for more details of our Britten Norman BN2-T Islander mission solution capabilities.


  • BN2-T Islander

    Height: 4 ft 2 in (1.3m)
    Width: 3 ft 5 in (1.1m)
    Length: 15 ft 2 in (4.6m)
    Seats: 10 (depending on configuration)


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