Business Aviation airframes

Choosing the right business aviation airframe for your mission is essential. Our business aviation teams have operated, managed and maintained the majority of business aviation airframes, and so have extensive knowledge of which airframe works best in which scenarios. As part of any complete business aviation management service we would research your complete flying profile. Where you intend to fly, how you will operate the aircraft, what budgetary requirements you may have, and then analyse and recommend suitable airframes for that mission profile. We have completed this for private individuals, for blue chip corporations, governments and management organisations for world renown sports companies and music entertainers.

Questions we may ask or research to ensure we get the right managed business aviation aircraft for you:
  • Do you have an exisitng aircraft? Is it suitbale for the described mission?
  • What type and age is your aircraft?
  • What registry is it on (if known)?
  • Are you currently with a management company. If yes, what is your notice period?
  • How many hours are you expecting to fly annually?
  • Would you like any of your current crew to transfer over, if so are you able to provide details?
  • Do you have a preference on the number of crew?
  • Is your use private, corporate or commercial?
  • Would you like to charter the aircraft to third parties?
  • Where is the aircraft’s preferred base?
  • Would you like an annual draft operating budget or simply to know our fees?

What business aviation aircraft is right for you?

Our business aviation teams will support you in the researching, analysing and ultimate choosing the correct airframe for your mission parameters.

Having operated aircraft from the King Air turboprop families to BBJs & ACJs we have history and expertise that will ultimately ensure you choose your correct aircraft, for your individual needs. See below for some of the major manufacturers offering in the business aviation marketplace.

Gulfstream Aircraft

Gulfstream 700

Gulfstream, the ultimate in business aviation.

One of the most elegant and flexible airframe families in business aviation, Gulfstream are famed for their levels of details and delivery, ensuring each aircraft is truly bespoke, matching the mission details of every owner or operator.

The Gulfstream aircraft family.
Gulfstream 280
Gulfstream 400 family
Gulfstream 500 family
Gulfstream 600 family
Gulfstream 700 family

Maintaining your Gulfstream assets
Ensuring your Gulfstream is ready to complete any mission is essential to the successful operation of your aircraft.

Maintaining your Gulfstream with us

Bombardier Globals

Global Express Charter

The Bombardier Global, a great business aviation choice.

The Global aircraft was designed to help you get things done, we believe it performs well in all mission criteria, offering a great combination of speed, range, field performance and ride quality. A great business aviation airframe.

The Bombardier Global family.
Bombardier Global

Maintaining your Bombardier assets
Ensuring your Bombardier Global is ready to go, to complete your next trip or any mission you require.

Maintaining your Bombardier Global with us

Bombardier Challengers+

Challengers & Learjets, simply excellent aircraft

The Challenger is one of the most popular business aviation airframes in production, with world-class interior design creating the ultimate value proposition. The Bombardier Learjet has excellent class operating costs flying you farther, faster with more room.

The Bombardier Challenger family.
Bombardier Challenger series

The Bombardier Learjet family.
Bombardier Learjet series

Maintaining your Bombardier assets
Ensuring your Bombardier Challenger or Learjet are ready to go, to complete your next trip or any mission you require.

Maintaining your Bombardier with us

Beechcraft King Air family

Beechcraft King Air 300 series 1

The Beechcraft King Air, ultimate turboprop platform.

The Beechcraft King Air offers flexible, reconfigurable interiors, making them equally adept at accommodating passengers, cargo, air ambulance or other missions. They are the most versatile turboprop platform out there.

The Beechcraft King Air family.
King Air C90 series
King Air 200 series
King Air 300 series

Maintaining your King Air assets
Ensuring your King Air is maintained and engineered to ensure mission readiness, either for mission critical air ambulance services or as a business commuter platform.

Maintaining your King Air with us

Dassualt Falcon family

Dassault Falcon 900 Series EX EASy 1

The Dassault Falcon, versatility and style built in.

The Dassault Falcon is a large business aviation jet, with proven performance. The Falcon family currently offers 6 particular airframe options, Falcon 900 to Falcon 8X, offering business aviation travel with comfort, safety and technology.

The Dassualt Falcon family.
Dassualt Falcon 900 series
Dassualt Falcon 2000 series
Dassualt Falcon 2000EX series
Dassualt Falcon 7X series

Maintaining your Dassault Falcon assets
Ensuring your Dassault Falcon is looked after and cherished, maintaining mission readiness to ensure the maximum uptime.

Maintaining your Dassault Falcon with us

Embraer Legacy family

Quote 1

The Embraer Legacy, a superb business aviation choice.

The Embraer Legacy is a large business aviation jet to envy, offering larger space than any other business jet in its class, created and built to support all the requirements of the essential in-flight office. The Legacy really does surpass expectation.

The Embraer Legacy family.
Embraer Legacy series

Maintaining your Embraer Legacy assets
Ensuring your Embraer Legacy is looked after and cherished, maintaining mission readiness to ensure the maximum uptime.

Maintaining your Embraer Legacy with us

Cessna aircraft family

The Cessna family, longevity of design & performance.

Cessna are overall the best selling business aviation brand, if you include all their range variants, offering comfortable room, spacious interiors and ranges from short hop to trans-continental. Cessnas sit well in the Textron Aviation portfolio.

The Cessna family.
Cessna series
Cessna Citation series

Maintaining your Cessna assets
Ensuring your Cessna or Cessna Citation is looked after and cherished, maintaining mission readiness to ensure the maximum uptime.

Maintaining your Cessna asset with us

Rotary airframes

Helicopter maintenance

Rotary airframes including AW139, AW169 & H145.

The rotary choice will ultimately depend on the flying profile and trip dynamics you need. With choices from Leonardo, Airbus Helicopters, Bell and many more we will evaluate and recommend the right helicopter platform for your mission.

Rotary assets .
Airbus H145
Leonardo AW139
Leonardo AW169

Maintaining your rotary assets
Ensuring your helicopter is looked after and cherished, maintaining mission readiness to ensure the maximum uptime.

Maintaining your rotary with us
Maintaining your piston engines with us

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