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June 25 2024

Providing Medical Escorts to airlines for scheduled flights


We provide Medical Escort for scheduled flights that are a more cost-effective alternative to a private air ambulance flight (depending on the patient’s condition) if your loved one becomes seriously ill or injured when travelling outside of the UK. This provides peace of mind that there is a highly trained medic on board that will be fully focused on your loved one’s repatriation and transfer to a UK hospital.

Unlike private air ambulances, our assistance and the type of medical care provided will be confined to the limitations of the airline and the aircraft. Therefore we would only recommend the use of an Airline Medical Escort to oversee the comfort of a patient rather than for the carriage of seriously ill or patients in a critical condition (in these cases a private air ambulance would be required).

Our Flight Doctors, Flight Paramedics and Flight Nurses are all available to travel at short notice on airlines around the world. They are particularly useful travel companions if you, or a member of your family, is flying or being repatriated after:

  • an unplanned medical intervention abroad
  • a planned surgery abroad
  • a period of post-operative convalescence


An experienced aeromedical team

Our Medical Escort Team is led by Medical Director, Dr Simon Forrington.

Dr Forrington is a Consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, one of the largest and most respected Trusts in the UK. Dr Forrington is Medical Director for Gama Aviation’s Special Mission’s team and is head of standards for the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI). He also has 2 years direct clinical experience as a medical HEMS Consultant with the UK’s North West Air Ambulance.

Working alongside Dr Forrington is a highly skilled and professional team of Flight Doctors, Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics. The team has a great deal of experience in aeromedical transportation, moving patients, often critically unwell, from all corners of the world. The Medical Department is focused on delivering a service that is safe, effective and of a consistently high quality.

Airline medical escorts

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