Gama Aviation partners with Department 13 to deliver a new counter UAS (CUAS) proposition.

The partnership sees Department 13 and Gama Aviation working together to exploit market opportunities in key UK special mission markets that require dynamic airspace management.

Wednesday 24th April, 2024 – Gama Aviation’s Special Mission strategic business unit and Department 13 are pleased to announce a formal partnership designed to offer UK solutions to mitigate drone threats for the UK’s Air Ambulance, National Security, Policing and Critical National Infrastructure (“CNI”) interests.

Department 13’s SCOUT, ATLAS, and DART solutions provide non-jamming and non-kinetic UAS detection and counter-UAS effects to defence and commercial sectors. The unique technology allows the creation of fixed or mobile secure perimeters, allowing its operator to take control of a target drone or its controller.

The use of non-jamming technologies allows for the safe and continued use of airspace for friendly aerial systems while maintaining the integrity of the monitored area.

Mark Smith, Managing Director, Special Mission commented: “Department 13 came to our attention following a strategic review of the unmanned aerial system (“UAS”) market. The review concluded that the primary opportunity came from counter-UAS; an insight which is sadly being evidenced every day in Ukraine where UAS are being used extensively. Furthermore, as an aviation company we understand the kinetic threats that UAS pose to Special Mission operations and infrastructure such as air bases. We also understand that it is simply not practical for airspace to be closed by wide area jamming techniques. Department 13’s ATLAS and SCOUT systems offer a unique technology that in our view is best suited to the management and protection from threat of airspace surrounding prisons, CNI, military or other national security operations and major events.”

Darren Gillam, CEO, commented: “We are very excited and proud to be partnering with Gama Aviation, and the synergistic effect both companies will have in delivering critical C-UAS solutions for the UK. We see this as another example of how two well-regarded companies further embrace the AUKUS relationship.”

Gama Aviation will be present at this year’s Farnborough Airshow and Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT). For more information and to arrange a demonstration contact Gama Aviation, click here