/ Safe, secure, and exclusive.

The only FBO at Glasgow International offering in-house security screening.

In September 2022 we will become the first and only FBO at Glasgow International Airport to provide on-site VIP security screening. This is a huge benefit to charter operators and clients, who previously have been required to be screened and exit via the commercial terminal for qualifying flights.

The investment we have made delivers a dramatic increase in efficiency and customer service to private jet users in Glasgow.

Tom Murphy, Head of FBOs stated;

“This initiative has always been a top priority of our FBO in Glasgow, we have never been comfortable that business jet clients departing on charter flights have been handled away from the FBO, in a non-VIP environment. We are extremely happy to say we are the exclusive FBO operator that currently provides in-house security screening, which is further complimented by our VIP lounge, dedicated apron parking space, hangarage and fueling capabilities”.

Murphy further explained that the investment comes at a perfect time;

“The team and I have been working hard to redevelop our FBO offering in Glasgow, as of September 2021 we increased our capability which enabled us to provide full handling to business aviation customers. Our 2022 first-half performance in Glasgow has significantly grown from previous years”.

Our in-house security set-up not only gives peace of mind that everyone who passes through the facility will receive a smoother service offering, but also gives further confidence to brokers and charter operators alike, who will now have the opportunity to sell trips on larger airframes.

“We had received feedback on numerous occasions from charter sales teams, that they were limited on aircraft types they could sell in Glasgow, most passengers preferred to travel on sub 10T aircraft – so I am sure this upgrade in facilities will make for a more valuable local market. We are very much looking forward to seeing the results and providing a true VIP handling service, as it’s meant to be. It will now take only a matter of minutes for passengers departing on charter trips to seamlessly board their aircraft”.

We operate FBOs in Glasgow, Sharjah (UAE) and Jersey – if you would like to hear more about our service offerings please contact tom.murphy@gamaaviaiton.com