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May 18 2024

Inflight connectivity: Enhancing the cabin experience or just an additional cost?

Honeywell & Gama Aviation discuss the advances in inflight connectivity.

Inflight connectivity.

We discussed a variety of issues and scenarios surrounding the best way(s) to connect depending on the requirements and needs of both clients, pilots and brokers.
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Alastair Painter – Senior Account Manager – GoDirect

Alastair has over 25 years in aviation with time in both the commercial aviation and business aviation markets. As well as pilot experience, Alastair has held positions at Boeing where he was involved with the BBJ program. Since joining Honeywell 3 years ago Alastair has focussed on promoting and selling our GoDirect flight services and cabin connectivity solutions. He specialises in creating the right connectivity solution for the customer. He is an active member of both the BBGA and the Aviation Club UK.

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Lubos Fedora – Area Sales Manager for Avionics & Cabin Connectivity

Lubos Fedora is the Honeywell Area Sales Manager for Avionics and Cabin Connectivity Hardware for Business Jet operators in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. As the ASM Lubos works with operators to identify the best possible satcom hardware solution to meet the customers’ connectivity needs. Prior to joining Honeywell in 2016, Lubos worked with an American MRO. As a program manager he was responsible for improving the interface between airlines and MROs.

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Seattle, Boeing Field Maintenance


Duncan Daines,
Group Chief Marketing Officer

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