Let us help you get the most from your aircraft management in the UAE and across the globe.

Our aircraft management in the UAE is delivered by our local business aviation management team, they understand how to operate most business aviation types from the Gulfstream aircraft family to the venerable Beechcraft King Air, we know the highs, lows and challenges of business aviation management in thE and Northern Emirates, both owning and managing aircraft.

Our aircraft management in the UAE and the Northern Emirates are designed to deliver services and take our accumulated experience and ensure that you have a partner that:

  • is focused on your safety
  • delivers with ruthless efficiency but is passionate about service
  • is keenly watching and interrogating the costs of operating your aircraft
  • helps keep you abreast of changes in regulations and what they mean
  • provides you with carbon offsetting options
  • provides tools to allow you to interrogate what we see (if you wish to)

Business aviation aircraft management in the Emirates

Tasks we would perform.

St Augustine Airport (KSGJ) 1

Aircraft management is an involved job that can be devolved to your Chief Pilot under something called Part-NCC, however we would suggest that it is better to keep the role of flying away from all of the administrative tasks that your aircraft management team will take care of.

  • Flight bookings, Flight planning
  • Charter marketing/sales
  • Crew scheduling
  • Aircraft airworthiness reviews and tasks
  • Programming maintenance and advising you of the aircraft’s ‘downtime’
  • Maintenance procurement
  • Collating, managing and assigning invoices
  • Crew management
  • Arranging post flight cleaning, laundry, restocking of the aircraft

As the owner you’ll require the aircraft management company to provide all the services required to fly the aircraft.

Possible fees & costs.

Seattle Boeing Field Airport (KBFI)

Aircraft management costs can vary from ‘free’ (buyer beware) to between $5,000 and $15,000 a month depending on the aircraft size and how you wish to use the aircraft.

Variable costs

  • Airport & aircraft handling fees
  • Aircraft catering
  • Crew travel & subsistence

Direct operating costs

  • Fuel (the majority of the cost of ownership)
  • Navigation
  • Maintenance
  • Engine programs
  • Operational support

Fixed costs

  • Continued airworthiness fees
  • Air crew costs
  • Provision for scheduled maintenance
  • Provision for parts and engines shortfall
  • Insurance
  • Parking / hangarage
  • Air crew training
  • Other fees (CAA fees, etc.)

Choosing an operator

Sharjah International Airport FBO (OMSJ) 1

There are many factors to take into account when choosing an aircraft management company that vary from ensuring their competency to whether you can work with them or not. We’ve written a number of articles on this subject however here are five rules that may help (obviously we would like to welcome you to our family!)

Our top 5 rules for successful management

Rule #1.

Understand the financial stability of your aircraft management company.

Rule #2.

Free management fees where’s the catch?

Rule #3.

Big or small? Which offers the best service?

Rule #4.

Plan scenarios not hours flown.

Rule #5.

Marginal gains make big differences.

Chartering your aircraft

Milwaukee Airport (KMKE) 1

A number of our clients do provide their aircraft to list on our charter fleet. To help, some of the pros & cons of doing this are listed below:


  • Revenue from the charter flights can be used defray some of the ownership costs
  • You can avoid minimum hours programme penalties


  • The charter market is saturated with aircraft with supply exceeding demand
  • You will not make a profit on charter
  • You cannot fly in your aircraft if it is on a charter flight
  • You may require more crew
  • The aircraft will experience some wear and tear

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