Gama Aviation has a long history of supplying a wide range of cockpit, cabin and external stores modifications for special mission purposes. With night vision (NVIS) capability being an increasing requirement for 24/7 operations, particularly amongst the air ambulance community, we are delighted to announce our EASA approval for NVIS integration.

Night vision modifications are typically required by special mission providers such as:

David Wyatt, Head of Airworthiness, Gama Aviation, commented: “NVIS allows us to integrate all elements to safely operate an aircraft with night vision goggles. Those elements include: windshields, lighting, instrument, display and control illumination. The approval provides us with the capability to modify non-NVIS aircraft and provide upgrades to existing NVIS capabilities, a set of services we believe will be in high demand given the regulatory environment and public demand for 24/7 aeromedical services.”

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