Gama Aviation, AVY and ANWB assess the case for drones in medical services during their latest roundtable event

As part of Gama Aviation’s Special Mission roundtable series, the organisers are delighted to bring together HEMS service providers, operators, medics and the drone services company, Avy together for this online event taking place on 10th November at 14.00 GMT.

During the 30-minute bitesize, interactive roundtable event, we’ll hear from Avy and ANWB on their collaboration in the Netherlands, exploring topics such as:

• How their collaboration came about
• What are the applications for medical drone services?
• What are the safety considerations?
• How should you set up a trial?

This roundtable will focus on real world insight, using the wisdom and views of our audience to add depth to the topic area.

Mark Smith, Managing Director, Special Mission commented: “Our earlier roundtables were well received by the UK Air Ambulance community, and we wanted to explore other topics in latter events that would challenge our thinking. The deployment of medical services using drones is one that fascinates me however we are at an early stage in the maturity of how this can be applied in the real world not least due to airspace restrictions, safety concerns, etc. However, the movement to a low carbon economy may force these developments forward. Having Avy and ANWB share their experience with us will bring this topic alive and, I hope, generate a lively debate.”

Simon Prent, Manager Drone Operations at ANWB Medical Air Assistance commented: “As professional aviation company operating the Dutch Medical Helicopters, we see unmanned aviation as an inevitable development. Looking towards the future, we see a lot of opportunities for us and the sector. Our collaboration with Avy gives us the opportunity to make the necessary steps to prepare for an unmanned future.”

Patrique Zaman, CEO, Avy commented: “I was delighted to be asked by Gama Aviation’s Special Mission team to be part of this event. We’ve been working with a number of blue light services in the Netherlands using real world case scenarios to inform a greater understanding of how we bring together technology, ground and air units to improve patient outcomes. I’m really looking forward to talking about the work Avy has collaborated with PostNL and ANWB on as well as taking questions from UK air ambulance charities who may be wary of the potential of UAS technologies.”

For free tickets for the roundtable event can be booked by clicking here