Our aircraft management questions, if you do not own an aircraft we would ask the following questions to start to shape any aircraft management proposal we would present to you.

Our aircraft management team, headed by Mark Smith and supported by our aircraft management specialists Adam Neaves, Tom Murphy and Giovanni de Berti will identify the very best way to operate a new aircraft to suit your exact requirements, and explain exactly why they have made the calls they have.

So if you have not operated an aircraft before through and aircraft management company or have in the past but do not have an aircraft at present…

  • Have you ever owned an aircraft before?
  • Do you have a specific aircraft in mind?
  • Would you like assistance with the acquisition, pre-entry into service + importation of the aircraft?
  • What is your preferred in to service date?
  • Do you have a preferred aircraft registry?
  • How many hours are you expecting to fly annually?
  • Is your use private, corporate or commercial?
  • Would you like to charter the aircraft to third parties?
  • Do you have any pilots?
  • Would you like an annual draft operating budget or simply to know our fees?

Visit our aircraft management pages for more information about our aircraft management services.

If you are interested in a new aircraft management proposal please contact our team, please email mark.smith@gamaaviation.com