AircraftManagement Reports

Transparency & a single point of accountability

All our managed relationships have a single point of accountability, in the form of an Account Manager support by a finance analyst. Their role is to represent your interests internally, with oversight across all interventions from engineering, to charter sales to providing aircraft management reports.

However this doesn’t mean that you’ll loose contact with our senior team, far from it. All of our owners have the ability to call the country GM, President or even our COO and CEO. Unlike other management companies, we work hard to make sure we do not run like an institution but maintain the service culture we originally built in 1983.

At the end of every month (or pre-agreed billing period), your Account Manager, supported by a Finance Analyst will provide you with accurate reports, consisting of:

  • The financial status of your account
  • A detailed cost report listing each individual charge by category with supporting paperwork
  • Monthly aircraft activity reports (inc. charter flights if applicable)
  • Advisory note(s) on upcoming maintenance tasks (off or on schedule)
  • Advisory note(s) on crew training, availability, holidays, etc.
  • An update on charter performance and pricing (if applicable)
  • Any other KPIs agreed with you at the start of the relationship
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The benefits of our fee model

By operating a clear, fee based model, your Account Manager and Finance Analyst will focus on delivering excellence as well as identifying appropriate cost savings using our buying leverage, on items such as:

  • Crew and Flight Attendant training
  • Fuel and ground handling
  • Flight operations services
  • Maintenance (base and line)
  • AOG support
  • Insurance
  • Charter / additional uplift rates

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