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Welcome to Gama Aviation

May 18 2024

One of our values is ‘Authentic & true’. This means we’ll never shy away from constructive feedback.

Special Mission 3

Our value of ‘Authentic & True’ drives our desire to improve all aspects of our business if at times they have not lived up to the high expectations we set ourselves, our clients, and our shareholders.
If you have had a poor experience and wish to make a complaint you may do so here. Likewise, if you have praise or positive feedback for one of our team’s performance, we would also love to hear from you.

Should you choose to leave a means of contacting you, we will aim to have sent initial confirmation of receipt plus any indicative actions within 48 hrs of the receipt of your feedback.

All feedback will be treated with the utmost confidence by a dedicated individual who will process your statement.

Let us know your feedback