Ensure your King Air aircraft is ADSB compliant.

ADS-B OUT (Automatic Dependant Surveillance – Broadcast) requires that the aircraft transmits its own GPS position via the Mode S transponder, regardless of whether the aircraft is being interrogated by a ground radar or by another aircraft’s TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System). The GPS source must meet high accuracy and integrity requirements only available from a qualified WAAS GPS.

The European airspace mandate for ADS-B OUT has been extended to 7 June 2023, provided that the operator has a formal upgrade path identified by 7 December 2020. Of note is that older aircraft with a first C of A issued prior to 7 June 1995 are now exempt from ADS-B requirements in Europe (but not in the US).

Our Part 21J and Part 145 have completed a major glass cockpit upgrade for a blue-chip customer and their B200GT. The design takes a Pro Line Fusion equipped King Air and converts it to the latest Garmin G1000 NXi.
Part 21 J team

European Proline 21 equipped King Airs.

King Air ADSB

These aircraft should have TDR94D diversity Mode S transponders providing Enhanced Surveillance (EHS) and a GPS4000A/S GPS system. Upgrade paths for these aircraft (ADS-B and LPV) are available by Beechcraft factory service bulletins, Rockwell Collins STCs or independent third-party STCs (ADS-B out only).

/ Here is a typical scenario for a Proline 21 equipped King Air with LPV enabled.

Baseline avionics: Rockwell Collins Proline 21
Current transponders: TDR94D-007 to 409
Current GPS: GPS4000S
Upgrade transponders to TDR94D-501. Embody Rockwell Collins STC, Textron/Beechcraft service bulletin or third-party STC.

Earlier B200/300 King Air with Rockwell Collins EFIS

Base maintenance 7

Earlier generation B200/300 King Air with Rockwell Collins EFIS 85 flight displays and ProLine 11 radios.


In these aircraft, many alternate options exist for Mode S transponders – Rockwell Collins TDR94D, Garmin GTX330D or Honeywell MST67A. GPS sources include Garmin, GNS430/530 and WAAS variants, Garmin GTN650/750, Universal UNS-1K/L/M FMS systems,
UNS-1(x)W WAAS FMS, Bendix-King KLN90B, KLN94 and possibly many more.

/ As an example here is a scenario for a typical Rockwell Collins EFIS85- equipped aircraft.

Baseline avionics: Rockwell Collins Proline 11 with EFIS 85 or analogue instruments
Current transponder: TDR94D-007 to 409
Current GPS: UNS-1K/L/M
Requirements: Upgrade transponders to TDR94D-501, Upgrade a single UNS-1K/L to a UNS- 1Lw. ADS-B certification by third-party STC
Note 1: No direct upgrade is available from a UNS-1M – in this case install a UNS-1Lw or use a stand-alone WAAS GPS such as the FreeFlight 1203C.
Note 2: No LPV capability is provided with a UNS- FMS upgrade unless a second UNS-()W or monitor is installed.

ADSB for older 90/200 series King Air aircraft.

90 series King Air

Finally the older generation aircraft in the 90/200 series are fitted with analogue flight instruments, Rockwell Collins Proline 1/11, Bendix-King Gold Crown or even Silver Crown radios and a wide variation of GPS types.

These older aircraft will require individual assessment to determine the best route for upgrade. As a minimum, the transponders will need upgrading to meet the ADS-B OUT mandate, along with the provision of a compatible WAAS GPS source.

Part 21 G & J aviation design and modification

Part 21 G & J design

Making the most of your aircraft

As an EASA Part 21 aviation design & Production / MAA DAOS approved organisation we undertake a broad range of aircraft design and production services to supply avionic, structural design and certification to a wide variety of private, commercial and military clients across the world.

Clients past and present include aviation design & production projects for amongst others: Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic, the Ministry of Defence, a range of prime contractors including Babcock, Thales, QinetiQ, the British Army Air Corps and NHS Scotland. As an organisation we hold the following certificates:

  • BSI Cert of Registration to ISO 9001
  • EASA Part 21J Approval Nº174
  • EASA Part 21G Approval Nº 2678
  • UK CAA A8:21 Approval Nº DAI/9961/15
  • UK.MAA.DAOS approval Nº322
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