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Welcome to Gama Aviation

June 25 2024

Dassault Falcon charter

Our Dassault Falcon charter fleet is US based and operated by our associated company Gama Aviation LLC. The US charter team have a wide range of types available from the Falcon 900 A, B and C to the Falcon 2000 range.

Our ‘N’ registered aircraft flying business jet missions under FAA part 135 (commercial) and part 91 (private) are operated by Gama Aviation, LLC, an associate company of Gama Aviation Plc.

Dassult Falcon charter

Our Dassault Falcon charter fleet includes:

Dassault Falcon charter aircraft

Dassault type Base location Capacity (PAX) High speed Range (nm)
Falcon 900 BFI (US) 12 550 mph 3,400nm
Falcon 900B HPN (US) 12 550 mph 3,995 nm
Falcon 900C UGN (US) 12 536 mph 3,450 nm
Falcon 900EX VNY (US) 14 536 mph 3,500 nm
Falcon 900EX EASy HPN (US) 14 528 mph 4,300nm
Falcon 2000 BFI (US) 10 521 mph 2,975 nm
Falcon 2000EX STL (US) 9 512 mph 3,845 nm