By December 2017 all 25KHz VHF radios used within the EuroControl area must be replaced.

The requirements
  • Regulatory mandate
  • December 2017 deadline
  • No design charges with our solution
  • Upgrade path to LPV approval
  • Fly into more airfields
  • Maintain airworthiness & airframe value

If you still have a 25kHz VHF radio in your aircraft, you’ll have to replace it by December 2017 to meet the new EuroControl 8.33 KHz mandate.

Why not consider doing the change sooner and get the benefits of data-base frequencies accessed by ICAO identifier, listening to multiple channels from a single radio and get the improved reliability and warranty offered from a new Garmin GNC255?

We have worked with Garmin to produce a minor modification covering almost every light aircraft and helicopter in Europe, so there are no design charges. Do the modification during a routine maintenance input and save downtime and potentially cost for stripping out the interior for access.

For those who already have 8.33kHz radios in the GNS430/530 series, we can now also offer fixed-wing operators a quick and relatively cheap upgrade path to LPV and PRNav approvals (including upgrading your non-WAAS box to the later ‘W’ variant). With GPS LPV approaches becoming very common on the continent and starting to appear in the UK, get the most from your GPS system and fly into airfields with no ground-based instrument capability such as Alderney with the same accuracy and approval as a CAT 1 IL

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