aircraft charter

Welcome to the world of private aircraft charter.

Technology has made the world a small place however it hasn’t removed our desire to travel; businesses still need to negotiate in person and we all love a short break or longer holiday. But in today’s age of long queues, increased security and airports acting as malls, commercial airline travel has become less and less efficient.

What makes charter different from the airlines?

+ It’s your timetable not ours.

Unlike the airlines, we come and go according to your schedule not ours; even your itinerary changes mid-flight.

+ Access to airports underserved by commercial airlines.

Figures supplied by both the NBAA and EBAA show a decline in the use of remote airports that are often convenient gateways to popular destinations.

+ No one is looking over your shoulder.

The only people on your flight are the people you want to be on your flight; enhancing personal security and increasing privacy.

+ No need to turn up early or wait around.

Spend your time more productively doing the things you enjoy rather than queuing. After all we aren’t all British.

+ It’s often not as expensive as you would imagine.

It isn’t cheap and charter will never be low cost, but we will always work on your behalf to get the best deal for you.

Delivering charter flights.

Paul Cremer, explains how we will go above and beyond to ensure our clients enjoy a trouble free journey.

Book & you’ll benefit from:
  • Competitive, industry matched aircraft charter rates
  • The support of a full in-house travel concierge to support your aircraft charter
  • A fully manned 24/7/52 operations room
  • Access to a fleet of charter aircraft that suit a variety of destinations
  • Access to charter aircraft that are near you, reducing positioning costs
  • Ground transport by car or helicopter
  • Support at either end of the journey
  • Visa services

FBO spotlight: Glasgow.

Our Scottish FBO is one of three facilities world wide including the award winning FBO in Sharjah.

Helicopter training
In conjunction with Cotswold Helicopter Centre, Gama Aviation is pleased to offer PPL and CPL training courses from Fairoaks, Surrey.

Call +44 1285 770740 for more information.