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There are a number of ways to book charter flights these days but with so many unknown third parties involved it can cause unnecessary complications. As a consequence we are finding more and more clients wishing to book directly with us.

By booking direct you’ll benefit from:

  • Competitive, industry matched rates
  • The support of a full in-house travel concierge
  • A fully manned 24/7/52 operations room
  • Access to a fleet of aircraft that suit a variety of destinations
  • Access to aircraft that are near you, reducing positioning costs
  • Ground transport by car or helicopter
  • Support at either end of the journey

Cut out the middle man and call today to see how we can surpass your expectations.

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Our Charter Team

UK: +44 (0)1252 553020
US: +1 203 337 4600
EU: +41 22 761 4444
MENA: + 971 4 605 7575
Asia: + 852 24851777


"Good Morning Tracy and team, the flight was impeccable, from A to Z. We really cannot thank you enough for all your efforts and accommodating our team so well. You are a pleasure to work with"