Gama Aviation launches five HEMS operations roundtables this spring in conjunction with Rotorhub, Airbus and Leonardo.

Gama Aviation’s Special Mission team are delighted to announce a series of five roundtable events during the spring in conjunction with Leonardo, Airbus and Rotorhub. Tickets are free and can be collected by using the button below:

Attend our spring HEMS events

Five, 20 minute, focused discussions

The five, 20-minute, bitesize, interactive roundtable events, will feature experts from a variety of different specialisms that will consider a number of topics germane to the HEMS and Air Ambulance community. Topics will include:

• The low friction transition of operators – looking at the risks & mitigation of them
• The latest on the Leonardo HEMS products
• An ICU consultant’s, and HEMS operational view, of lessons from COVID-19
• The latest HEMS products from Airbus
Future proofing through design

The roundtable series will focus on real world insight, using the wisdom of the crowd to add depth to each topic area. To ensure this is the case, Gama Aviation’s Special Mission team have asked RotorHub’s Editor, Glen Sands, to chair what is intended to be a lively discussion between the experts in the virtual room.

The events will start on the 18th March and continue until the 15th April.

Dr Scott McVicar, Managing Director, Special Mission commented: “We are a new entrant into the UK HEMS sector having had over 30 years of Air Ambulance operational experience and it seemed there was little opportunity for various peers to come together to talk about the challenges they are facing. Each event in the five-week series has been tailored to a specific topic that we believe are key to the evolution of the sector as it meets the clinical and operational requirements of the post-pandemic world. That said we would also welcome other perspectives from the community as we progress.”

Glenn Sands, Editor, Rotorhub commented: “I was delighted to be asked by Gama Aviation’s Special Mission team to be part of the roundtable events as Chair. The events are designed to provide an open forum based on a topic we feel is germane to the UK Air Ambulance community, as I hope to drive a session that offers insight to attendees on a range of subjects.”

The events will be recorded and available from Gama Aviation’s website during the five-week series. For free tickets for the roundtable events can be booked here