The Arctic wilderness is a place for the intrepid and the curious, the sense of scale combined with the silence is simply overwhelming.

written by Momentum Adventure 10th August 2018

An environment that humbles and mistifies in equal measure.

I have had the privilege of experiencing this frozen tundra many times throughout my carer in adventure. It was, in fact, the birthplace of Momentum Adventure and where we ran our first trip nearly 12 years ago. Since that time the Arctic has become one of the most popular trips we offer. With advances in the kit and transportation, the polar regions are drawing in the curious and fascinated wanting to explore Arctic’s dwindling landscape and stunning wildlife.

I’ve recently been drawn to a new destination within the Arctic circle. Somerset Island, Nunavut, where you’ll find the most northerly fly-in lodge on earth.

This is a rare and extraordinary place, reserved for people searching to explore the last frontier. The wildlife unique to the area ranges from polar bears, muskoxen, arctic fox and a wide array of birds.

You can even watch beluga whales frolic a few metres from shore. Activities range from rafting, paddle boarding or kayaking on the Cunningham River. Hike through the Badlands, try world-class fishing, kayak with beluga whales or ski the northernmost heli-skiing in the world under the Northern lights. Mountain bike on the tundra; visit 1,000 year-old archaeological sites; check out spectacular waterfalls and canyons; ATV the Muskox Ridge trail or fish for Arctic char.

Somerset Island offers the experience of a lifetime to an unspoiled and stunning Arctic wilderness.

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