AirAmbulance support

When every second counts, despatch and operational co-ordination is of paramount importance. That’s why we’ve built a 24/7/52 operations team from the ground up.

Our Air Ambulance support is an essential component of the provision of healthcare in Scotland. Specially equipped aircraft together with the highly trained medical and flight crews provide round-the-clock air ambulance support for routine and urgent patient transfer.

For over 20 years, the Scottish Ambulance Service, part of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), has trusted us to deliver speed and absolute reliability. From the Beechcraft Super King air we provided in 1993 to the entire Scottish Air Ambulance fleet of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Our aircraft have dedicated Air Ambulance cabin interiors designed by us in conjunction with Scottish Ambulance Service incorporating the latest medical stretcher and patient loading systems along with a number of new technological enhancements.

As part of the contract we provide Air Ambulance support for:

  • Two Beechcraft King Airs comprising of major and line maintenance & support
  • A third, multi-role relief aircraft, with twin Lifeport capability


Comprehensive services that complement your own capability

Each and every client is different, requiring a blend of services that mirrors their own operational needs. Some require a turnkey solution where we become the outsource partner, others require a tailored service package supplying skills in areas our clients don’t have competency within. Whichever situation you may require, we’ll work with you to find the best solution to ensure we have the most efficient and capable set-up to deliver the promises you make.

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Special mission services include:

  • Flight crew recruitment & training
  • Flight operations
  • Aircraft sourcing
  • Aircraft re-role & Air ambulance modifications
  • Re-livery of aircraft via our paint shop in Oxford, UK
  • CAMO / Part M
  • Parts purchase
  • Base maintenance
  • Line maintenance & mobile line maintenance
  • 24/7 AOG support
  • Avionics upgrades
  • NVIS and night vision support systems
  • Infrastructure development
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Air ambulance support
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Our FBO and base at Glasgow International airport is home to the NHS Scotland SCOTSTAR facility and its accompanying fleet.

Air Ambulance Support
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