aircraft management fee structure

A simple fee structure with, no hidden costs

Aircraft are expensive items to operate with big bills. It is important, therefore that you are confident that those bills represent the true costs that have been incurred. Our fee model simply and effectively separates the cost of managing your asset away from the costs incurred in operating it. This split, allows us to proactively manage the cost base on your behalf, without any grey areas or vested interests (after all why would you fight to lower costs if they are being marked up?). It’s simple, effective and transparent. In short, it works.

To keep things simple our fees are split into the three main areas required to operate your aircraft at the highest level of service, these being: the management fee, the airworthiness fee and an optional maintenance oversight fee.

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The benefits of our fee model

By operating a clear, fee based model, your Account Manager will focus on:

  • Building an excellent working relationship with your team
  • Managing your asset, according to your requirements
  • Ensuring they proactively highlight upcoming maintenance issues
  • Ensure fixed, variable and direct costs are proactively managed

Management fee

aircraft management A fixed monthly fee covering the management and administration of your aircraft including operational support, quality, HR, safety, crewing, financial reporting, etc.

Fees are determined by the aircraft size and start at $5,000 per month.

Airworthiness / CAMO fee

aircraft management Maintenance programme development and oversight, monitoring of all records, storage and safe keeping of records, scheduling maintenance, monitoring of airworthiness directives and service bulletins.

This service comprises of a monthly fee based on the complexity of the aircraft. Fees start at $2,000 per month.

Maintenance oversight fee (optional)

maintenance oversight A fee for maintenance overnight on major checks with an appointed MRO, maintenance co-ordination support for defects and AOG situations.

This service can be paid for as a monthly amount or on demand.

Turning fees into cost savings

Your management fee pays for a team of experts to find ways to save operational cost without impacting your enjoyment of the aircraft or safety. Commonly your account manager and finance analyst will target variable, direct operating and fixed costs, leveraging our buying power to save otherwise 'wasted' cash.

Depending on the aircraft and its mission, the savings generated will often cancel out the cost of the management fee itself.

For example:

A Bombardier Global 5000, flying Farnborough to Teterboro, with a total fuel load of 7,590 USG (with reserves) generates a fuel saving* of $16,251 over 100% of the monthly management fee. The equivalent journey in a Dassault 7x will save 92% of the monthly management fee.

*Calculated using lighter, summer winds. Rate differential is based on published fuel figures.