King Air ADS-B Out solutions that won’t break the bank.

With the new mandate fast approaching we’ve created a rule of thumb guide for the standard avionics suites supplied within the King Air series. Our aim is to provide you with an understanding of what’s required and how best to achieve the requirements of the mandate.

How will the ADS-B mandate affect your King Air?

Harry Lees, our principal European avionics consultant has over four decades of experience working across various types, here he explains the basics of ADS-B and why action is required sooner than later in your aircraft maintenance routine.

These aircraft should have TDR94D diversity Mode S transponders providing Enhanced Surveillance (EHS) and a GPS4000A/S GPS system. Upgrade paths for these aircraft (ADS-B and LPV) are available by Beechcraft factory service bulletins, Rockwell Collins STCs or independent third-party STCs (ADS-B only).

As an example here is a typical scenario of the option for a Proline 21 equipped King Air.

Likely requirements for this aircraft:

Baseline avionics: Rockwell Collins Proline 21 Current transponder: TDR94D-501 Current GPS: GPS4000S
LPV is not currently enabled. Required to embody Rockwell STC or Beechcraft service bulletin. This update includes LPV SVS and IFIS.

Approximate cost: $140-180,000

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In these aircraft, many alternate options exist for Mode S transponders – Rockwell Collins TDR94D, Garmin GTX330D or even Honeywell MST67A. GPS sources include Garmin GNS430/530 and WAAS variants, Garmin GTN650/750, Universal UNS-1K/L/M FMS systems, UNS-1(x)W WAAS FMS, Bendix-King KLN90B, KLN94 and possibly many more.

As an example here is a typical scenario of the option for a Rockwell Collins equipped EFIS flight display.

Likely requirements for this aircraft:

  • check_circle Baseline avionics: Rockwell Collins Proline 11 with EFIS 85 or analogue instruments Current transponder: TDR94D-007 to 409 Current GPS: UNS-1K/L/M
  • check_circle Upgrade transponders to TDR94D-501
  • check_circle Upgrade a single UNS-1K/L to a UNS-1Lw (GAEL Minor change).
  • check_circle ADS-B enablement using CMD STC (If no upgrade is available from a UNS-1M – in this case install a UNS-1Lw with a minor change or use another replacement WAAS GPS such as the FreeFlight 1203C.)
  • check_circle Note: No LPV capability is provided unless a second UNS-()W/blind monitor is installed
Approximate cost: $100-120,000

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The older generation aircraft in the 90/200 series are fitted with analogue flight instruments, Rockwell Collins Proline 1/11, Bendix-King Gold Crown or even Silver Crown radios and a wide variation of GPS types.

These older aircraft will require individual assessment to determine the best route for upgrade. As a minimum, the transponders will need upgrading to meet the ADS-B OUT mandate, along with the provision of a compatible WAAS GPS source.

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New-build King Air aircraft are equipped with Rockwell Collins Fusion avionics and this system meets all of the ADS-B and LPV requirements. No action should be required but please check with us on your next annual or phase check.

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ADS-B mandate

ADS-B for the King Air airframe

As a Beechcraft service centre and major distributor for Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Garmin, etc. we have a range of solutions for King Air aircraft including:

  • check_circle European Rockwell Collins Proline 21 avionics equipped King Airs
  • check_circle Earlier-generation B200/300 aircraft with Rockwell Collins EFIS 85 flight displays and ProLine 11 radios
  • check_circle Older 90/200 series aircraft

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Base maintenance.

We offer King Air maintenance support through our Farnborough and Glasgow locations across a wide number of certificates including FAA, EASA, Cayman, Bermudan and Isle of Man. Typical tasks include:

  • check_circle All base checks
  • check_circle Corrosion prevention
  • check_circle Replacement of major components
  • check_circle ADS-B Out installation
  • check_circle Interior refurbishment
  • check_circle Exterior paint application (Oxford only)
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King Air modifications

Over the years we have created, developed and reatined a high number of STC’s for use on the King Air series of aircraft.

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Raisbeck modifications

We are an authorised installation centre for Raisbeck products. Raisbeck engineering advanced performance systems are aimed at improving the performance, comfort, safety, and operational flexibility of your aicraft.

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