UK Part 145 approvals post March 29th 2019, Secured business continuity.

Bournemouth, UK, 21st January 2019. Gama Aviation’s Europe Ground division has taken the following steps to safeguard its approval in the event of a No-Deal Brexit. Should this situation arise then the UK will in effect become what the EU and EASA terms a “third country” and current approvals granted within the UK would therefore no longer be valid for EU aircraft.

We have been monitoring this situation and working proactively with both the CAA and EASA for some time to ensure continuity of our approvals for EU based aircraft. As such, we have taken the precaution of applying to EASA for Third Country Approval (TCA) which I can confirm has been accepted by EASA, and, in the event of a No Deal Brexit, this approval will be enacted with effect from 30th March 2019.

This arrangement ensures that we will, irrespective of the result of the Brexit negotiations, have the approvals in place to seamlessly continue providing you with the same service as we do today. For reference under this third country approval our new approval number would be EASA.145.01341 and we understand that our current CAA approval UK.145.01341 will continue.

For further information please contact use via our chat facility or via Tim Morris, Head of Compliance, Europe Ground +44 1252 553083