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Welcome to Gama Aviation

May 18 2024

Finding the perfect balance between service, cost and safety

Ensuring your aircraft operations utilise a crew cadre that is optimised for your mission.

We are proud to supply our aircraft owners and management clients with an experienced flight crew who are trained to the highest standards. Our crew selection process and crew training days are put in place to ensure you are in the hands of skilled individuals, there to assist and accommodate your needs. Our crew are trained to be easily adaptable and mould to the aircraft owners requirements.

We recommend the following in terms of experience:

  • check_circle All first officer’s must have a minimum of 1000 flight hours to serve on our aircraft by type.
  • check_circle All Pilot’s must have a minimum of 3000 hours total of flight time by type and proven worldwide corporate experience.
  • check_circle All flight attendant’s must have a minimum of 2-4 years VIP experience in order to operate on our charter flights, and we also recommend this to our aircraft owners.

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"Gama Aviation provided my own select crew with training at a rate that was almost half of what I had been paying elsewhere, this provided me with an additional saving of $13k per pilot annually".
G650ER aircraft owner
The perfect crew

Crew logistics and planning

As part of our operational review of your aircraft, we will review, on a quarterly bases the crewing requirements of your aircraft. This will be done to ensure that we:

• Have adequate coverage to deploy the crew safely during upcoming holiday and training periods
• Have the correct number of crew in place to safely manage the flight requirements
• Based on feedback from you, flight data monitoring, operations determine if training or other interventions are required

On certain occasions we may also recommend a change to the crew complement. This typically occurs if the flight hour trend changes over consecutive quarters and we believe that there is a more efficient way to manage the crew roster without compromising the owner’s flight requirements. In most cases the gains are marginal however in a recent analysis of a two aircraft operation, reducing the crew complement by one saved over $150,000.

Who will be serving you on your flight?

It is important for us to know that we leave our clients in the hands of the most capable individuals, whether that be a Pilot and First Officer with large hours or a flight attendant with years of VIP experience. We want you to feel at ease on your aircraft and through our careful selection process, we make sure this is the case.

Here is a break down of our crew selection process:

• All potential flight attendant’s must attend a recruitment day, where individuals face an in-depth interview and partake in a group exercise, demonstrating their catering skills.

• If any of these flight attendants are suitable, we offer a position within our crew and begin our training process with them. Tailoring the course to the requirement of the aircraft.

• Our training is both practical and classroom based, allowing our crew to gain more experience of the aircraft hands on.

• We think it is of importance for all crew to meet with aircraft owners prior to flying. It’s great to form a relationship with these individuals to ensure you feel safe in the hands of them taking control of the aircraft.

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