Is your charter representation developing sufficient charter demand for your aircraft?

The current charter market is extremely dynamic requiring a keen eye to keep an aircraft busy, particularly with the current oversupply of aircraft in the market. To make the most of your commercial opportunities, why not see how we can make the difference without even having to change your existing aircraft management arrangements.

Representing your aircraft

The charter market is fast paced and we will quickly determine our suitability to represent your aircraft based on:

  • check_circle It’s current position location and associated charter volumes
  • check_circle Its age, capability and mission suitability
  • check_circle The current marketing of the aircraft
  • check_circle What contract charter opportunities exist
  • check_circle What the pricing & availability options exist

We will then recommend a course of action on how best to represent your private jet aircraft and what our traget number of flight hours will be. You can then transfer the aircraft or remain with your provider.

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Entertainment charters

  • check_circle European and Global band tours
  • check_circle Football tours
  • check_circle Fan experiences
  • check_circle Specialist travel requirements

Business charters

  • check_circle Fundraising tours
  • check_circle Production site tours
  • check_circle Executive shuttle service
  • check_circle Just in Time production contingency

Interim charter cover

  • check_circle Cover for large maintenance checks
  • check_circle Cover aircraft between leases
  • check_circle Pre delivery bridging aircraft
  • check_circle Additional lift to cover peak demand

The benefits of working with us

  • check_circle Rigorous safety monitoring / auditing
  • check_circle Maintenance support for many types worldwide
  • check_circle Major city base coverage
  • check_circle Large, multi-type global fleet

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