Gama Aviation are pleased to announce the successful completion of their contract to design, certify and supply major parts for a significant upgrade to the AH-1 Gazelle avionics for the British Army.

This upgrade, designed to enhance safety and improve the AH-1 Gazelle avionics capability, introduces a Garmin GNT650H LPV-capable GPS plus 8.33KHz VHF radio, a Garmin GTS800 TAS (traffic advisory system) and a Sandel SN3500 electronic navigation display. The new cockpit is fully NVG compatible. The use of the Garmin GTS800 TAS system is a first for a UK military platform and the system was demonstrated to be extremely capable and accurate during an extensive test programme.

As the programme now moves to a fleet embodiment phase, we have been awarded additional contracts to provide maintainer training and the first course was recently run at Middle Wallop.