Private jet aircraft management in Hong Kong & Asia.
Your mission, our passion.

At the heart of our private jet aircraft management team is a closely held belief; passionate people deliver. After all passion drives excellence, drives performance, drives a desire to constantly do better, to be better and deliver.

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Save money with active management.

Our passion is active management of aircraft. We enjoy getting into the detal and rooting out inefficiences. That’s why we regularly return greater savings to our clients than the cost of our monthly and annual management fees. For example we have saved clients over $300,000 on a major check, $200,000 on a renegotiated data contract and save owners dollars every day on fuel.

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What our clients say…

“Gama Aviation provides an excellent an aircraft management service. Communication is good, they manage costs extremely well and I would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Bombardier Global 5000 owner.

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Private jet aircraft management

We are proactive

Our private jet aircraft management model is simple, your fee pays for a world-class team to manage your asset with the utmost rigour, diligence, tenacity and passion. Your team will be:

  • check_circle Experts. We employ the best people with deep private jet expertise so that you can trust their advice.
  • check_circle Advocates. Your Account Manager is a proxy for you, they will question everything and ask ‘Why?’ before you ever need to.
  • check_circle Proactive. You don’t like surprises, and nor do we, so we work hard to avoid them.
  • check_circle Performance driven. We don’t rest on the security of a tick from a regulator, we want to be the best in all aspects of safety and business jet operations.
  • check_circle ‘Your scale’. We operate at a scale that suits you; working with our personal focus but leveraging our global network (with all the benefits that implies) when you need it.
  • check_circle Agile. When things go wrong we have the depth of resources, 35 years of experience and the capability to put the situation right quickly and efficiently.
  • check_circle Simple. We operate a flat management structure. We don’t have layers and layers of people, if you want to speak to the MD or CEO, you can.
How can we help you?

Our people deliver.

We keep fees and costs seperated for a very good reason, it incentivises us to work hard on your behalf to challenge, negotiate and push to reduce your costs without compromising safety. Here’s an example.

Gulfstream G550 8C maintenance check.

On a recent check at a highly reputable MRO facility, one of team started to notice an increase in man hours for certain tasks. Being a Gulfstream G550/650/650ER trained engineer he decided to do a little investigation work with the rest of the aircraft management team. His work and that of the rest of the team resulted in:

  • A total saving of over 2,200 man hours
  • Approximately USD$340,000 of savings
  • A delighted client who saved money on maintenance and whose aircraft was released to service early allowing the cancellation of a provisional charter.

Bombardier Global 5000 fuel costs.

By combining flight planning knoweldge, fuel buying expertise and some of the best flight crews around we can generate additional savings. For example a Bombardier Global 5000 business jet, flying Farnborough to Teterboro, with a total fuel load of 7,590 USG (with reserves) generates a fuel saving* of $16,251, which is well over 100% of the monthly management fee we’d typically chareg for this aircraft type.

(For reference the equivalent journey in a Dassault 7x private jet will save 92% of the monthly management fee.

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Personal service

Every client is given an Account Manager. Your Account Manager acts as the fulcrum to the whole organisation spanning over 1300 people in four continents.

This collective experience is combined with our Safety Management Systems, ISO standards, the IS-BAO and IS-BAH frameworks, our proprietray AIROPS private jet flight management software and a host of other process allows us to perform an effectively and efficiently leaving more time to spend focused on the detail.

Service delivery that surpasses expectation

We like a challenge and the complexity of operations often leads to an array of them. Our job is to make sure whatever circumstances are presented to us, we respond to them in a way that maintains our proud safety record and surpasses your service expectations. From fine dining to dressing your business jet aircraft in your team’s colours before the big game, we’ll consider every detail, doing our very best to make sure each trip is memorable for all the right reasons.
Ultimately, we always want clients of our private jet aircraft management solutions to say ‘good job’.