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October 06 2022

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Boeing BBJ 737

With a cabin size like no other, the Boeing BBJ 737 is the perfect aircraft for your next mission.

The Boeing BBJ 737 boasts a extremely large cabin, accomidating many amenities in the air that we have on the ground including an office, bedroom, shower, dining facilities, entertainment areas and more. And Boeing Business Jets can deliver it all. Whilst helping you reach your destination at a comfortable yet fast cruising speed.

Whether you require management, maintenance or charter for this aircraft we have the capabilites available at various locations worldwide.

Turn your trip into something special with our charter Boeing BBJ aircraft.

 Encounter the most phenomenal flight experience with our US based Boeing BBJ 737, complete with a crew eager to satisfy your needs and requirements, all at an unbeatable rate.

Find out more about the charter opportunities for this aircraft.

Our handy price guide will provide you with a simple cost estimate for a private jet charter flight anywhere in the world. You can request a full quote from our local teams or simply use the request a quote tab.

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Boeing BBJ 737 6

Your aircraft deserves the very best.

We have high levels of experience with the Cessna series of business jets for private operations and charter, providing world-class private jet management solutions for clients around the world at extremely competitive rates.

Find out how we can make a difference to your fixed, variable and direct costs on your business jet by arranging a call back.

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Boeing BBJ 737 8

Maintaining Boeing BBJ uptime around the world.

With our comprehensive line maintenance capability, our team will remove the pain of out-of-phase defects and will return your aircraft to the skies as soon as possible.

Request a call back or see our large section of maintenance locations for our Boeing capabilities.

Require base maintenance?
No problem. We have multiple base locations worldwide with the expertise and capability on the Citation series of aircraft. Request a call back or see our maintenance locations for details.

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St. Petersburg International Airport (PIE) 2

Boeing BBJ 737 AOG

We understand the inconvenience of AOG, however with our large amount of worldwide resources and team of fully trained engineers, we will be able to get your aircraft moving again safely, in the shortest time possible.

Just click on the button below to register your Boeing BBJ AOG.

Boeing AOG assistance

Aircraft on ground

US based or ‘N’ registered aircraft flying business jet missions under FAA part 135 (commercial) and part 91 (private) are operated by Gama Aviation, LLC, an associate company of Gama Aviation Plc.


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    Cabin Length: 79 ft
    Cabin Width: 12 ft
    Cabin Height: 7 ft

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    Max Range

    5673 nm

  • network_check network_check

    Max Cruise Speed

    544 mph


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