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Welcome to Gama Aviation

September 26 2022

Aircraft management in your best interest, not ours.

Our business aviation aircraft management in Sharjah, Dubai and the Northern Emirates has a simple philosophy, to manage your aircraft and aviation needs in your best interest, at all times. We utilise our scale of global coverage, breadth of business avaition knowledge and depth of business aviation services to ensure you are deliverd the very best management proposal for your individual aviation profile. We pride ourselves in the transparency of our service, no hidden costs or ambiguity.

Contact us to discuss our aircraft management services

Please contact us to discuss your aircraft management requirements.

Richard Lineveldt, Managing Director.

Richard is one of our most respected experts on the topic of aircraft management in Gama Aviation, having spent the best part of two decades advising clients on how to manage their assets. A regular speaker at Corporate Jet Investor and oft published, he has a passion for the region and making sure clients are advised correctly when purchasing, owning and selling an aircraft.

Please listen to Richard talk about our Sharjah based operations (please adjust the volume to suit)
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Oliver Hewson, Commercial Manager.

Oliver, working in tandem with Richard, provides commercial oversight across a variety of activities from charter, aircraft management to the commercial side of our award winning FBO. His passion is delivery, ensuring his team understands that success is judged on repeat business; business that is only won if you deliver perfectly in the first place.

Please listen to Oliver talk about our variety of aircraft registration options (please adjust the volume to suit)
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