Moving your aircraft from another operator

Moving your aircraft to our management program couldn’t be easier.

From the outset we will establish with you why you are moving your aircraft and your KPI’s from your future relationship. We will be honest in our appraisal of those KPIs using a variety of data sources to affirm or manage your expectations. If you wish to provide your aircraft for charter we will also  determine the market price for the aircraft type and its usual 
mission profile.

Should you wish to move your aircraft into one of the world’s largest fleets, we will then initiate the following four step process:


The transfer of licenses, engineering and regulatory documents including the EASA part M or CAMO.

Contracts & Subscriptions

The transfer of the warranties, agreements, insurance and subscriptions.


The creation of a new billing account including subscription and regular, sundry items.

The addition of the aircraft and crew into our own operational systems such as AIROPS, Qpulse, Safety Management System.
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