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We have a proud record of working with King Air's over the last 30 years. Whether the aircraft is flying executive charter; your family; is delivering patients in an air ambulance configuration; specialist cargo or as a military platform, we have the team, experience and infrastructure to ensure high levels of availability, no matter the mission you face.
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Recently our engineering design team have been involved in converting our own King Air 350C aircraft into a multi-role aircraft with one of these being a requirement for a cargo modifications to meet a growing demand for cargo operations from businesses with time sensitive parts deliveries.  However as the aircraft would need to respond to multitude of missions the engineering design team needed to come up with a scheme that reflect not just one but three operational requirements.

Key requirements from the work were:

  • To allow the conversion between roles with the minimum amount of time to minimise downtime
  • To ensure that the specifications are complimentary i.e. in Executive config. the interior must not feel like a passengers are sitting in a cargo aircraft
  • To ensure that the interior would withstand extreme role changes from cargo to air ambulance to Executive
  • To ensure that critical safety features such as oxygen masks were accessible regardless of configuration
  • To provide flexibility in the cargo configuration such that engineers can travel with parts