ADS-B 2020. As the deadline approaches, how prepared are you for the change?

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With the European airspace mandate for ADS-B OUT becoming effective from June 2020, and from January 2020 for US airspace operations, all aircraft with a MTOW of 5700Kg or above, OR a max cruising TAS of 250kts or above at ISA, must comply (the same requirements as the current EHS Mode S transponder mandate). Are you ready?
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Understanding the mandate
Find our more about how ADS-B affects your aircraft, its value and why you need to act now.

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ADS-B for your King Air
From the old to the new, find out more about the upgrade paths available to you to ensure your King Air is compliant.

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ADS-B for your business jet
ADS-B out Our Q&A will help you understand why you need to take action well in advance of the 2020 deadlines.

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Need to understand the cost to upgrade for ADS-B or 8.33KHz? Request a quote now.

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Avionics upgrades for general aviation

Glass cockpits upgrades

8.33 KHz. Are you ready?
LPVready With only four months to go time is running out to comply with the 8.33KHz radio mandate. Are you ready?

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LPV approvals
Are you LPV approved? Find out how we can future proof your cockpit.

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Garmin G500 EFIS
See how 'glass' improves situational awareness, safety & your total flying experience.

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Garmin G1000
Transform your King Air's crew performance with a Garmin G1000 upgrade

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Why not refresh your flying experience with our avionics upgrades from Garmin and Aspen Avionics

Are you flying around in an aircraft that hasn’t seen an avionics upgrade in years? Are you interested in upgrading to the latest glass cockpit technologies?  Well you’ve come to the right place.

Not all avionics specialists are equal. We pride ourselves on designing and installing the best in class avionics upgrades including GPS, Nav and Radio systems as well as full glass cockpits.  So if your instrument panel is looking tired and dated, then talk to us about an avionics refresh.

We specialise in avionic upgrades from the following manufacturers

avionics upgradesWe work closely with Garmin in both design and installations. As a aviation dealer for Garmin, we can install their full range of panel mounted equipment. We have developed a range of minor modifications and STC’s for many Garmin products. These data packages can be purchased outright or included as part of installation to fully approve the equipment fitted. Contact us for further information.
avidynelogoWe have installed a wide range of Avidyne equipment. Our first hand experience of installing Traffic Systems, MFDs and weather avoidance systems means we can supply you with the best information and a competitive price for installing your next Avidyne product. We also have a range of approved design data to approve the installation of Avidyne products. Contact us for details or to discuss your requirements.
aspenlogoThe Aspen EFD1000 series of products offer a innovative and cost effective method of replacing ageing mechanical gyros with modern EFIS. The units fit in place of most existing AI / DG combinations usually without rework of the instrument panel. This combined with highly competitive pricing makes an Aspen EFIS the cheapest way to retrofit ‘glass’.